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Star Stealing Prince Finale (Full V.1.1)

The day has come! I've released my game. Earlier than the 8th, but I said, why the hell not?

In this blog I want you to tell me if you found any bugs. My beta-testers are all swell people but even the coollest of peeps can miss things. In addition, I know that RGSS2 Player Crashes happen, however, even though I spent over a month trying to pin them down, I have not. If they do happen to you PLEASE tell me how it happened, where it happened, and all that jazz. Perhaps I can find a pattern and a way to pin it down.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy! I had a lot of fun making it, so I hope it shows its colors well.


Download links have been updated to reflect Version 1.1. This has a few minor bugs fixed and I've redone the first ghost battles so they don't murder you outright if they suddenly get smart and start stunning Snowe constantly.


If you played the previous demo and have a save file to use, please use this save file instead: http://www.mediafire.com/?pl1wl0car3iq8bd

There was an event change for the full game that your game will try to play if you use an old save which causes you to get stuck. Sorry about that. I placed the save file right in front of the third dungeon (all the right equips and everything). Again, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

If you have already started the game and are past where the demo ended when you run into the error (it'll be if you return to the Tower's stairway room), send me your save file and I can fix it for you. Again, sorry for all that.


SSP Trailer!

I'm very excited! Volrath (of Master of the Wind fame) has done a very kind thing and made me a trailer for Star Stealing Prince! :D

We decided that Iron Maiden's "Look for the Truth" should be the trailer's music because when looking at the song lyrically (at least for me), it fit Star Stealing Prince more than I really thought any song could.

So this has me very excited! In addition to that, if all goes as planned (cross your fingers, wish me good luck, et cetera) I should be able to release the full game very early February! I can't wait to show you guys the full game. :D!

Progress Report

RGSS2 Player, why are you mean!

I really hate errors that cause my game to crash without telling me what happened to make it crash. I already fixed the RGSS2 Player crashing from undisposed windows so it surely doesn't happen quite as often. But it still does--usually after playing for a little while.

I'm really at a loss at what to search for! Is there anything that would be causing the RGSS2 Player to crash while playing a RPG Maker VX game? And if there is something, what do you suggest in trying to find the offending script line or whatnot? I really wanted to get this figured out but it's being quite elusive at the moment and not being one with any sort of programming talent, I'm really at a loss. :(

Any ideas?

Progress Report

Concept Art or Scribbles!

I posted some concept art (is it really concept art if I did it AFTER I made the game really?) or you can call them scribbles. Sorry I put up three at once. I have one more I want to post up, but I don't want to spam it or anything. So take a glance at the image section! :)

In other news, I'm almost done balancing the final boss (got a few events to do during the battle) and then I'll be able to send it off to my beta-testers! Isn't it so exciting? :D :D I know I am. This is going to be a great start to the new year.


And a Happy New Year

Oh it's the end of the year! I feel like reminiscing.

Did you know that I first started Star Stealing Prince in February 2010 as a sort of fairy tale? The only thing I knew for sure in the beginning was that the Prince was going to save the Princess from a tower, though she didn't need saving. I didn't have anything else planned but that.

Clearly, I got bored of it simply being a fairy tale, and I opened up RPG Maker VX and decided that I wanted to make a game of strictly RTP graphics so I could finally finish a game. Again, clearly, we can see I changed the "strictly RTP graphics". Though that's pretty obvious. And I also planned for it to be short. No 40 hour epics. That'll never get done. A simple story about a prince fixing his kingdom, now that's a length I can do.

Clearly, length doesn't matter to me! The problem with the first RPG Maker VX incarnation of Star Stealing Prince was that I had begun working on it and kept getting interrupted with school and life. And because of that and in part, the game didn't feel like mine (I wasn't using much art or my own sprite style), I just sort of faded away from it. Though it always stayed in my mind. When my harddrive crashed and took a chunk of progress with it, I said "screw it" and stopped Star Stealing Prince (the VX-graphics version) altogether. I picked it up again as the fairy tale idea to enter into a contest, but then my health decided to do something stupid and I couldn't even finish that.

After a brief hospital stay in March of 2011, I said screw it. I want to make Star Stealing Prince still and this time I'll make it with my own spritestyle, my art, and my lovely parallaxed maps. If I fail the third time (and I was expecting to fail because that spritestyle I decided to use has done in so many of my games it's not even funny), then that's how it is.

At the end of 2011, I think I can finally say that I'm really happy with it. I don't think I'd be here if I hadn't landed myself in the hospital because then I wouldn't feel the need to finally stop procrastinating and finally get something done. I guess it's a price to pay!

I feel good things for the new year. I will finally finish a project that I've given all my skills into. It has definitely had its ups and downs (what project doesn't?), and through it all, I'm almost finished and I almost have a project to show off and to be proud that I actually finished.

Thank you again all you subscribers and anyone who has wished me well with this project! This has me so excited!

And now back to being quiet as I balance a mini-boss, another boss, and then finally the final boss! So exciting!

Progress Report

Aww, 40 subscribers! I should send you all cookies.

I just wanted to make a blog to thank the 40 people who has subscribed to my game (and even thank those who may not be subscribed but still check up on it!)! You guys (while quiet, but that's okay, I am too) are so very sweet! I feel so very honored (as with the lovely review I recently got) and I can't wait to finish the game and get your input on it.

And with this, I do want to give people interested an update! I know, I'm too quiet, but it's just hard to talk about things when you've been balancing monsters and databasing for the past few months. Databasing just doesn't make good screenshots!

I have finished balancing the monsters for the "last" area in the game. Currently I am balancing/brainstorming the boss of that area. After that you have the optional!final dungeon and its boss (optional!final because I don't have a "final" dungeon unless you opt to get the good ending! (which you get when you go through the optional dungeon after the "last" area)), and then I have the final boss to balance!

And before anyone says anything: you can't randomly miss the good ending by missing something at the very beginning. I'm not that mean (well, I AM, but I wasn't going to be). Everything you need to start the good ending can be backtracked to if you missed it the first time! Goodie!

This just has me excited! A game almost finally finished!

And again, thank you so much for your comments and the subscribing to my project! It means a lot to me. :)


SSP Demo V.2 for Oct. 27th

So even though I never fixed the bug woes I had before (because I had a few scripters scouring over it with me and we couldn't even find what would cause that), so decided I'd just release the demo anyway. So what's this blog entry for? If you find anything wrong, please put it here! It'll be in a nice neat place and I'd appreciate it.

So if you find any bugs, tell me where and how it showed up!

Found bugs:
1. Keep an eye out when you go into the menu, specifically the item part of the menu. It creates an undisposed window which usually crashes the game. Try to avoid going into the item part of the menu (or save right before and then right after). That way you can minimize your game crashing for the demo. This has been fixed in the full game.

2. The item skill issue that's describe in the notepad file included with the demo.

3. A few graphical mishaps already documented here.

I won't be updating the demo because I don't want to worry about it at the moment. I have fixed the errors above for the final game. I just don't want to get side tracked by trying to update the demo constantly. I should be focusing on the whole game I think.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy playing.

Game Design

Hi & Bug Woes

I've been meaning to put this up here for a while, but I was waiting until I had a better demo ready. It's not ready to be uploaded yet, but will be soon. Hope you like what I have here. I'm really terrible at these things.

And now to the second part of this blog (which I updated far later than when I put up this entry).

I hate bugs. I hate bugs that I don't know WHY they happen. For instance. You get skills when you equip certain equipment in my game. Those skills go away if you take off that equipment. I don't know why, but Snowe decided he wanted one of the skills back. I had on him one equipment, changed it in favor of another and the skill was gone. Few battles later, the skill was back!

And then those same equipment skills randomly disappear too. Which I haven't been able to figure out either. Hence why I don't have that demo ready for this place yet. I hate bugs that make no sense.

And another one! A second member of your party joined in like god mode. Somehow the game had given her all her available skills. When that isn't even set up in the database. Since you learn through finding books in my game. I don't even know. I fixed that, but it made no sense when it happened.

I really think this game is messing with me and I have no idea why. :|
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