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The titular prince. He wasn’t even fifteen before his parents died and has since then been raised by the adviser, Richard. Now barely into adulthood, Snowe feels the stress of relinquishing his boyhood ways and stepping into adulthood to lead the kingdom and to preserve peace. Even still, he isn’t ready yet to move on and delights in exploring the lands right outside his kingdom to search for anything else besides his snow ridden kingdom.

She may not have actual royal blood within her veins, but she is considered a princess by her two bodyguards–Hiante and Erio. She lives in the tower and keeps watch of the sky as part of her duty to the late King and Queen. She is armed with a long sword and does everything in her power to keep everything the way it’s supposed to be, as per the King and Queen’s request.

Made of bones and nothing else, his only duty is to protect Astra. He remembers nothing from his previous life, but he prefers it that way. He was summoned by the late King and Queen when Astra was still little and has raised her since. When he is not protecting Astra or arguing with Erio, he is lost in fantasy novels and endeavors to one day be a great knight.

Taking the image of a young man, he has sworn to protect Astra from harm. While he cannot hold his own in most battles like Hiante, he has impeccable cloaking techniques and can teleport practically anywhere on Sabine, provided Astra is there. While he loathes the King and Queen, he has a fondness for both Astra and Hiante (though he won’t admit that) which keeps him near the tower.

A blue haired woman who was charged with protecting the entrance to the Sepulcher. For years she’s stayed there to perform her duty to the late King and Queen, however, she doesn’t want to remain there forever. She always dreams of going back home, however, she was raised to perform one’s duty, so she does not leave her post.