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Star Stealing Prince walkthrough


Watch a cut scenes and find rooms or objects.

Chapter One: Into The Wilderness

Prepare for leave town.

Enter Sabine Forest and go to a cave. Find some chest and defeat enemies.

Chapter Two: Tower Of A Princess

Unlock all doors and explore Eastern Tower

Chapter Three: A Return

Explore catacombs. Find and use key, three switches. Fight The Old and watch a cut scene.

Watch 7 minutes long cut scenes. Figt the Lorel and watch a cut scene.

Go to castle and watch 15 minutes long cut scene.

Chapter Four: A Princes's Determination

Leave the town again, pass Sabine Forest and go to Eastern Tower for party members.

Go to Guardian's Shrine. Here is puzzle with switches. The note in game: 1>6<2

Here is 15 statues and you must find their names according to what they say about others. Fight Chimera and watch a cut scene.

Chapter Five: The Sepulcher of a Lord

Explore castle. Go out and watch a cut scene. Enter Hedge Maze and explore it. Go to middle of the area and watch a cut scene.

Teleport to the castle and explore it. In the room with three thrones is secret passage in center of a rug.

In the place where is three switches. For the solution every switch have a number, sum of the numbers must be 17. To reset switches use right pillar upon them.

Go to the north and wtach a cut scene. You have been arested, you must find others. Here is some puzzles, cut scenes, secret passages and places with items and equipments.

Enter doors and watch a cut scene. Fight King Edgar and Queen Lina and watch a cut scene.

Go to a castle ansd watch a cut scene.

Go to Sabine Town. Go to middle of the castle and watch a cut scene.

Chapter Six: The Forgotten Way Home

Go to Estern Tower, go upstairs and watch a cut scene. Return to the Sabine Town.

Go to the Forgotten Paths. Here is a Fallen Soldier's Memory (Hiante's) cut scene.

Find all 12 snowmans. Here is a Prince's Mewmory cut scene (Snowe's).

Enter Western Tower and pass it. Here is lot of puzzles with mirrors.

Solve astronomic puzzle. Fight the Original King and go back to Sabine Town.

Go again to Sabine Forest and to the cave. Now go to south-west to find new area.

Solve ghost puzzle and fight Phantom.

Chapter Seven: Homebound

Prepare to go to the Nightmare dungeon.

Enter the Nightmare dungeon. Solve puzzles with note: Which is the last to die. Find crown for the hanging king.

Fight the Slaughterer and unlock door with skull. Fight the Dream.

Fight the Original King and watch ending.


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I know it's taken me forever to thank you, but thank you very much for doing this! Now if people have trouble playing the game, I have videos to throw at them. :)
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