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A Unique Adventure That You Have To Try!

  • ZapGames
  • 11/01/2012 05:19 PM
Before I begin, let me just say that this is the first (from what I remember) game from RMN that I have completely finished. Star Stealing Prince is a game about a young prince who is in sync, in a way, with his kingdom. If he is happy, they are happy. If he is sad, then they will be sad. It's an interesting concept.

Graphics: 4/5
Throughout the game, the graphics have impressed me. They are polished and very detailed, which made the game much more fun than if the graphics would have been poor and boring. Although, occasionally, there were times in which the graphics collided with a wall or a bed. I'm not much for criticism, so I passed this by quickly.

Story: 5/5
This is the real gem of everything right here! The story, had pretty much NO flaws, and it was really easy to get into. It had elements of adventure, mystery, horror, and malice. There was a mix and it wasn't the exact same "hero saves world" theme. It was really refreshing. I also got very connected with the characters. At first, I thought Snowe was kind of a snob, but as the story progressed, I saw his view of things, and I agreed with them! My second favorite character, Astra, was indeed the key for the entire story. Where other games make such big deals of certain characters, and then never fully open up their potential, this game does the opposite. (Beside the point, was anybody else hoping Snowe and Astra would find love in each other? Erio?) Hiante and Erio are Astra's bodyguards, they have been given the task of protecting Astra through thick and thin and making sure she is happy and safe. They keep in contact the most out of the game, in my opinion. Lastly, Relenia is a guardian that Snowe's parents gave the task of guarding the Sepulcher. She has a warrior's attitude, but also has a soft side, which, if you play this game, you will find out as you progress.
The rest of the characters such as Richard, Vela, The Original King, and the villagers are great additions to the game. Their attitude towards the player really affected me and I felt like they were speaking to me, whether it was in good terms, or bad.

Battle: 3/5
This part of the game was exceptionally good, although I have some problems with it. For example, in the beginning of the game, all the monsters are easy and require little effort to defeat. This is good, sometimes. However, as the story goes on, the monsters all of a sudden become harder. And sometimes, for some battles, there will be times where a strong enemy decides to cast everyone under a freezing (hint hint) or incapacitating spell that leaves the players staring in horror as his heroes are picked off one by one. I enjoyed the battles, definitely! But the bottom line is, they could have been better.

Music: 4.5/5
The music was amazing, to say the least. The title screen was well made and the music made it even better! (Confession Time: Sometimes, I would just leave the title screen open so I could listen to the song!) Being a composer myself, I appreciated all the music that went into this game. It fit perfectly and it sort of inspired me to keep going! Props to the music team, you guys deserve it!

Overall: 4.5/5
Star Stealing Prince is a game that none of you would want to pass up! It is definitely one of the best games I have played here, although to be fair, I haven't played many! I'll definitely start though! This game offers a healthy mix of adventure, mystery, horror, heroics, and sadness. Unless you hate variety, then this game is a must for you reviewers and gamers alike! I've had the pleasure of playing the entire game with no interruptions and bugs. This is a game that I am glad the developer Ronove had the idea to come up with. Star Stealing Prince earns a much deserved 4.5 out of 5.


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<-- studies this game
The gameplay in SSP is very interesting, and I kinda want to talk about it in other videos.
Everything other than the end-game was great. And while I didn't like all the enemies in VERY TIGHT hallways,
I still appreciate it over random battles of stupid.
This game... no, every game that tries to be hard needs a difficulty system. Of course, I LPed it so that issue is semi-void but still.
I really like this game. No shit, Clare!
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A lot of the things with battle (like freezing) can be avoided if you equip your characters correctly... I had a lot of equipment that prevented freezing! In addition, the battles got harder because you got more people!

Thank you for the review. :)
A lot of the things with battle (like freezing) can be avoided if you equip your characters correctly... I had a lot of equipment that prevented freezing! In addition, the battles got harder because you got more people!

Thank you for the review. :)

Anytime! I enjoyed it! Would we possibly be seeing a sequel?
More like Misao Stealing Prince
I'd LIKE to make a sequel--I have a ton of ideas for it, but it probably won't be a game. Maybe an online novel or something. But at the moment, my head's elsewhere so you can muse on what would be in a sequel if I ever make it!
I see! Hope to see more from this, nevertheless!
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