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Definitely add to your rpg list...

I just finished Star Stealing Prince and I have to say I am quite impressed with the game. The artwork was unique and took some getting used to but I never felt like it took anything away. In fact, over time, I left like it added to the experience. The animation was nice though I would have liked to see the characters in combat and not just portraits. The story seemed very strange at the beginning but as I ventured further everything coalesced into this well written and executed story that I wont soon forget.

The are a few problems I had with the game however they didn't warrant abandoning the game. Some of the bosses were very easy while others where unbelievable in their difficulty, even though I made sure to grind an extra 1 to 2 levels in each area. For instance the catacombs boss took me over an hour to beat because the turn he summoned his helpers he got his attack boosted and 1-shot 2 of my party members at full hp even after I had just nerfed his attack the turn before. This led to the OP bosses being a dice roll for me to see whether I get locked down and helplessly slaughtered or I get buffed and everything is fine. This did however give me a much larger sense of accomplishment when I defeated them, but less experienced players may get turned away by the ROFLDEAD some of the bosses use.

As for content I'd say it was adequate. The game soft caps the levels putting you around a mere level 30 by the end of the game. Even then if you have everyone geared properly and spam their ultimate abilities the final boss is a joke with the constant NPC support you get.

The game tended to railroad more than I liked with the entire game taking place on a cramped island. There wasnt any real free exploration to do because there wasn't a world to fly across or a sea to sail around. I kinda sighed when everyone got their ultimate abilities cause if felt like the story could keep going but I knew the final boss was right around the corner. There could have been more sidequests and maybe some mini games in their somewhere to help with the longevity of the game.

All in all the game is very solid and well worth the play but it felt like it could have kept going. The separate endings were a very nice touch that I appreciated (regardless of how horrible the bad ending was). I got the good ending on the first try so I went back and did the final boss again without completing everything just to see the bad ending. Unfortunately I thought the bad ending was better simply because it was conclusive whereas the good ending just gave you warm fuzzies and then cliff hanged like a boss. If this game were food, it would be a full-course meal without dessert. In saying that of course I hope that maybe the developers might in interested in a sequel to follow up this solid installment.

So to summarize my impression of the game:

-Unique story and artwork
-Erratic and sometimes brutal boss battles
-Good character development and story progression
-Needed more sidequests/minigames
-Game ends before the story does


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I have been working on the sequel which is why the Good Ending ended the way it does. Please check my blog for details. The sequel starts with a Bad Ending Sequel and when I am finished with that, we continue the story.

The story was merely about the circumstance Snowe finds himself in and the escape from that circumstance. If I had more ideas at the time I suppose I could have kept it going, but I think at the same time, closing it when I did works in the end. You get off the island. Anymore and I feel I would be dragging on the main plot. Though if I ever do another game, it'll definitely have a lot more fun things to do. With this, I just wanted to do a game to tell my story so I wasn't too concerned with minigames or whatnot. It's also hard to do a lot of side-stuff when the world is such a closed circle, but I already plan to rectify that kind of thing in any game I make henceforth.

Thank you for your review. Through it all I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I can say I enjoyed how the story evolved throughout the game though. It was refreshing simply because I havent seen a story like it yet. So even if the game could have been considered bad in any way I enjoyed the story nevertheless.
Ive been playing a lot of RMN games recently but im still pretty new to the site as a whole and am unfamiliar with following game creators and upcoming releases. So please forgive my ignorance in some of my responses.
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