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Easily one of the best.

  • Mirage88
  • 10/06/2014 01:30 PM
I've played quite a few RPG maker games by now, but I think I can honestly say that none have drawn me in and got me so attached to it's world and it's characters as Star stealing prince.

Story: 5/5

Well the fact that I didn't want the game to end pretty much sums up how I felt about the story. Interesting plot, enough twists to keep it interesting. And the most important part in my opinion, the characters are likable. You can have the most interesting story in the world, but if you have unlikable characters then it's all pointless. But this game doesn't need to worry about that.

An example is the main character Snowe, who started off as quite naive, and really didn't seem all to bothered with his duties as prince. But as the game progressed it became obvious that nothing was more important to him the people of his kingdom and he stopped at nothing to ensure their safety. He was brave but not arrogant, and despite whatever was thrown at him he soldiered on. That alone made me root for him. It was also interesting that he's the main healer/magic caster that uses fire, not sure how safe that is but hey it works. Plus he's just adorkable, seriously I just wanted to hug that kid.

Then you have Astra, the Star Princess. A young woman whose job is to keep track of the Stars. She's quite a cheerful person despite being locked in a tower for about half her life. She's tough yet kind and quite kickass with her sword.

Then you have Astra's bodyguards Hiante and Erio. It was fun to just watch this little family unit. Plus Hiante's an undead skeleton. That's pretty cool. Erio's the snarky antisocial Demon bodyguard who sadly only joins the part temporarily.

And lastly Relenia, the tough, no nonsense Guardian.

Graphics: 5/5

Certainly very pretty to look at; beautiful maps, nice ambience, plenty of attention to detail, great character design and the still frame images during certain cutscenes really added to the game. You can tell the creator really put a lot of effort into this project.

Battles: 4.5/5

Well as a few other players have pointed out, the battles are hard. There were quite a few times where I died for what felt like the twentieth time, but at the end of the day it was certainly refreshing to have a game where you couldn't just go into battle and keep spamming the most powerful moves at your disposal.

I had to think carefully what equipment my characters had to wear, and what order they should do certain moves, cause the wrong move at the wrong time could mean a quick defeat. Soooo yes battles could be frustratingly hard sometimes, but hey, it was enjoyable all the same.

Music: 4/5

Not much to say about the audio. It fit the game well, some tracks were orchestral whilst some were obviously midis (not that midis are bad!). This would be perfectly fine except the mix of orchestral and midis kind of clashed a little.

Overall I would encourage everyone to play this game. If your into fantasy rpgs you'll probably get some enjoyment out of this.