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Your primary objective is killing all witches.

There is no friend, but you have three gems and can control them for battles.
You can change the color of gems by the use of palette.
Gems gain magics depends on the color you painted.
For example, if you paint the gem red, the gem gains the red magic related to fire.

The map is also useful in the game.
You can go back to any places where you visited by the use of map.
Also, map shows where you are and where the events occurred.

You can choose English or Japanese at the beginning of game.
If you have font problem, it is necesarry to download and install the font.
(see the page stated below).

Musics, characters, and game system are original.

RTP is not necessary to play the game.

Latest Blog

Free Musics

My website now provides some musics used in Violent Witch: international.
You guys can download and use the free musics for your games.

・Wizard under the moonlight (from VW: Int)
・Icy Performance (from VW: Int)
・Noise conductor Ver. β(from VW: Int)
・Unpleasant gift (from VW: Int)
・Second mother (from VW: Int)
・Silver Corridor (from VW: int)
・Inbound(from VW: Int)
・The road of Reincarnation (from VW: Int)
・Inn (from VW and SV)

More musics may be added later.
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  • saizwong
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 10/25/2011 01:59 PM
  • 12/06/2013 04:33 AM
  • 09/12/2011
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My mind is full of fuck.
I'll try it out. :)
The only thing in this game that's bonkers is CAVE_DOG.
Hmm...You know, we practitioners of witchcraft might slightly take exception to this...js.
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