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Eons ago, the land of Applewood was a lonely, uninhabited land, and in this land, a single sapling appeared. The sapling grew to be a large and magnificent tree known as the Great Tree, and from this tree, an apple dropped, giving birth to the first generation of Appleseeds who call themselves "the 4 Masters" and with them, the 4 Stones of Harmony.
As time passed, more Appleseeds began to appear. They erected towns, cities, and gave shape to the land with the leadership of the Masters. Everything was going great, until one bad apple fell from the tree, corrupting one of the 4 Masters. With his new dark powers, the evil Appleseed cursed the land and a flock of monsters appeared. The citizens of Applewood have tried to fight them off, but they were unable to hurt them. The 3 remaining Masters fought the corrupted Appleseed, and with the power of the Stones of Harmony, they were able to lock him inside the great tree, but even with their leader imprisoned, the monsters continue to attack. Applewood needs a hero, and that hero could be you.

You get to play as an Appleseed of your creation. You can be an ordinary citizen taking on jobs and helping others, or you can work your way up the military rank and help King David put an end to the chaos. You choose how to play the game.

- Customizable Character
- Loads of job and casino minigames
- Quests from most of the inhabitants
- Item-based battle system
- Appleseeds appear during certain time of day

- If you press F12 and try to create a new game, you'll get an error.
If you notice any bugs or glitches, please report them.

Latest Blog

Stuff Before You Judge the Applewood Preview...

So, I wasn't able to finish all the sprites for the preview, but that's okay! I think it's still good enough for RS11! Some things that I want to mention so that I won't have to answer to the same comment more than once:

- Yes, I realize that the characters are small. I didn't change them due to the fact that I already made so much progress on the maps that, if I enlarge the sprites, I'll have to enlarge the maps so I won't have time to finish for RS11
- I couldn't figure out how to change the width of the enemy selection window, so I just left it like that. I'll figure out how to change it eventually.
- I'm aware that it shows "BEE EMERGED" twice. It seems to be a glitch with the tutorial script.
- All the towns people are workers due to the fact that I couldn't finish all the sprites. I'm using them as placeholders.
- Some of the tileset sprites are still RTP styled, and I accidently made some of them somewhat transparent...
- I hadn't edited the shop menu. I completely forgot about that!
- There might be a problem with the hair... It might not show in the outfit menu.
- I still haven't made the outfit for the job you'll get to play. I will try to finish it before RS starts.

I guess that's everything. If you found a bug/glitch/problem while playing the preview, please tell me. The preview will be up for download at around 7 or 8.


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Devil's in the details
you must've been high while making this. The battle theme is rather cool~

I wasn't able to skip the credits when I went and clicked them. Used F12 and chose new game and got script error about some stacking values.

The text sound seems too loud compared to other sounds.

Anyway, continuing on. I only just encountered to cutesy bee monster.
I thought it was just me that the text sound was too loud, since it only seemed loud when I have my load headphones. I'll also try to fix the stacking error.

Thanks for the informing me. :)
Guardian of the Description Thread
Holy Tutorial Hell, Batman!

More serious comment: While the tutorials had their own flavor (Of which I applaud!), the only tutorial I needed was the one for combat. Even then, all I needed to know could be boiled down to "You have ammo! Use it properly!"
I had to stop playing the preview. I got robbed and ran out of Gala so I couldn't buy any cards. :(
You can keep playing the Letterman minigame and earn more, unless I messed that up making it so that no one can play it... *checks*

EDIT: I guess I did mess that up. I'll try to get a new version up soon.
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