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What's New
Big update but nothing to show it. I hate that feeling. Anyway, the game is going swell. Still working on those battle sprites. If all goes wrong, I'll result to the old school Dragon Quest style.

The Story
This is my first true story. It will cover many different lands and scenarios. From actually enrolling in a magical academy with tests, friends, period schedules and all to kingdoms in the sky, the games scenarios shake it up quite a bit. I'm now entering page 13 of the story that's already written so expect moderate progress. I'm not telling the whole story but it's going...

The characters are based of of a totally different set of looking characters in my original story. But their personalities have remained.

Tyden Everette

A boy who's grown up in the small village of Portoga. He spends his time entering in Colosseum matches until something happens that changes his life.

Ramu Heith

Tyden's best buddy. He's always by his side giving helpful hints and often being picked on by absolutely everyone. He does however have a pure heart.

Lloyd Porton

The first kid that Tyden met as a kid. Lloyd always gets himself in more trouble than imaginable. As a playboy slash jerk it's very easy to like or hate him.

Kriss Irving

A girl who lives in the humble town of Rhea. She lives with her well off family in the hopes of finding adventure. The group might just be the ones to fulfill her request.


A sinister man who's ambitions are unclear. He's often seen causing chaos without reason. He's a very hard character to understand.

Puzzle Main+Sonic Labyrinth
For those of you who've gotten a Puzzle Main ticket it's for a game featuring a familiar character that has to find 3 items in each stage without being hit less than twice. There are over 10 levels right now.

How Many Worlds Are There?
As of now there are 7 but it as you can imagine it doesn't stop there. Just examine the statue in Fautlus Kingdom, you'll get an idea. There's also another round of worlds that oh... let me just shut up.

Looking Forward Too...
What am I looking forward to... THE END OF SCHOOL! Oh, the game... I'm putting much work into the Magical Academy. You'll spend exactly 60 days there each class taking an actual 30 minutes. Yes, you can answer questions based on what the teaches ask, you'll be required to take tests, quizzes, etc. You'll make friends and much more. This won't be a quick 1 minuet visit to a school that you're used to. This time around you have to try. And yes you can flunk and continue the game.

Next Update...
Can't say, probably sometime in June. That's it for now.

Latest Blog

Dream or Nightmare

It is with great sorrow that I announce the cancellation of WODCTY. Yes, I said a while back that the game wouldn'tbe cancelled but life happens and all of a sudden time escapes your every grasp. I will add the last of the 2 demos soon. Sorry to every subscriber/anticipator. Ljink just can't keep up. Thank you all for showing such enthusiasm and care. But this experience is bitter sweet. The game is gone but that doesn't mean non-existant. I'll find time if it shows to work on it. In place of this I am working on another. The only current project is Dragon Quest + so check it out if you have time. Once again sorry, if I could just ... buy... time oh if only I could buy time... Inspiration! Thanks, I've got an idea. Cheerio!
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if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
This looks good! I hope this comes through because it looks like it could be pretty nice in the end.
Subbed 'cause I want to see the development stages.
Is this a game who's purpose is to portray the adventures of many SNES era characters?
This is coming from the The Creator and yes and no. I love alot of snes games and thought that it would be cool to see most of the graphics into one big game. It will not contain any actual "named" characters from FF or DQ or anything else. Just my own made up characters. I will try to post some original concept art by me if you're interested into their original artwork. I'm a cartoonist so it's the best of both worlds when you can also draw your own charaters. Spanks for asking though. Development is going rather smooth and it should pick up arouond Christmas, when I should have the first demo availiable.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
This reminds me of the early 2000's rm2k games. Very cool!
back when games were made to be fun and not made to be perfect. I miss the old days of rpgmaker.
That there is what I'm trying so desperately to re-create.
You really know how to map. *Jealous.*
woah this game just blew me away that's subscriber 10 for you. great title by the way
Wait, Bosh? This is too weird for me. I don't have time to explain it but I made up a character named Bosh in my game.
Any chance you could shrink the game header? It's a little on the huge side.

Other than that, you just got a new subscriber :o This is a very attractive game.
I cant open file final fantasy 4 when im in the hideout.
I'm well aware of the problems and should have them fixed by Saturday. Somebody else told me the same thing. Thanks for telling me or else I would have never checked.
Everything for the demo is fixed, all it was was a missing face set.
Oh good ill look forward to jumping back on.
I'll test this and give you some feedback this week.
Thanks but just keep in mind that many things have changed since the last demo so alot of problems may have been fixed.
Uh, I'll wait for the next release then.
No, by all means give me feedback. The game isn't anywhere near perfect
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