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Sacred Reviews: Puzzle Tower


In some ways Puzzle Tower is a game that brings up feelings of loss and a tragic reminder of the passage of time. Not so much because of what Puzzle Tower is, but what represents. Puzzle Tower is a game that was born out of a competition on RPG Revolution, a site that went down some time ago, but was a staple of the RPG Maker community at one point. Regardless, I suppose I should dig into the game itself that lament about a site that has long since passed on into the ether.


On the story side of things "Puzzle Tower" centers around Alex. A young adventure who is on a quest for treasure and glory. A quest which has brought him to the supposedly "unconquerable" labyrinth known as the Puzzle Tower. A tower whose claims of being unbeatable seems really over inflated. Seeing as how this game can be readily beaten in under 10 minutes.


Well, if you couldn't figure it out from the title. Puzzle Tower is a short puzzle game that centers around 11 puzzles. These puzzles range from easy to moderate difficulty. Though, the most challenging is probably the gem puzzle. Though on the plus side, that puzzle does include multiple paths to victory. Though, I'll admit to finding the last puzzle to be the most annoying. While the puzzle itself is rather simple. The constant switching between regular and inverted controls was really frustrating for me. Though, I did manage to find a simple solution for the problem by simply verbalizing which state the controls were in before making any moves as well as advancing only a few steps at a time.

Outside of the simple puzzles to solve. The game also runs on a 10 minute timer that instantly ends the game. Though, oddly enough I wasn't aware of this when I first played the game. So, when it suddenly jumped me to the end of the game when I went down the stairs to reset a puzzle. I thought I had run into a mapping error. Regardless, this inclusion of a timer means the game also has two endings. If you get far enough into the game before the timer goes off you'll still see the good ending where Alex gets to lay claim to all of the loot. Though, I'm not sure how many puzzles you need to solve in order to reach that point.

Graphics & Sound

On the graphical and sound side of things the game seems to rely on the default assets that came with the unofficial translation of RPG Maker 2003. As such this game really isn't going to wow anyone in these areas.


Puzzle Tower is a simple puzzle game that brings very little to the table in terms of originality. Nor does it possess any puzzles that will truly stump your average player for very long. As such, I really can't recommend this game as a puzzle game. Especially when their better options on this site like KiYoKi by dandorf.

Even so, I can't really punish this game for its lack of difficulty or brief nature considering it's origins as a contest game. Especially one where one of the rules apparently centered around the game having only around 10 minutes of gameplay. As such this game was always going to be a short experience. So, the only real way to include a decent number of puzzles both in terms of amount and variety was to focus on puzzles that were fairly simple and straight-forward to solve for the most part. As such, this game will do a lot better score wise then it would if it'd simply been a game that was thrown together in a hurry in order to simply get something out there.