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"Special Menu"
The default menu still exists and this is just in addition to that. The special menu is where you will find most of the special features in the game.

One of the main heroes has this. He will gain a number of skills throughout the game, but he can only equip four at a time. That adds a strategic feel to the game, making you have to plan when to use what skill.

One of the main heroes has this. He has a talent tree type of thing, I got it's base idea from WoW (World Of Warcraft). As he levels up he will gain talent points, in which he will spend on various things like skills or status increases and other things like that.

"Star Points"
It's a special currency in the game that will allow you to buy status increasing items(stars). Also, you can earn the right to purchase two "very special" special stars.

"Blue Magic"
The idea came from the final fantasy series. The character that has this will learn magics from monsters. It is though, presented in a different way which will be explained in the game.

"Party Switch"
Plan and simple, you can swap members in and out at different situation. Though, my system has a few additions. You can un-equip the current party and you can see detailed info of the characters statistics.

"Moogle Town"
It's the same idea behind the castle building system in the Suikoden series. The difference is, you save moogles throughout the game and once you get enough, they will make the town bigger.