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***UPDATED 10-11-2013***

This is the game pre-patched, so your save files from the previous version should work just fine. If you have any problems,
please let me know.


01) Various grammar and text fixes.
02) Various mapping errors fixed.
03) The cave in the first forest has been shortened.
04) Every characters face graphic has the white border.

01) The encounter rate across the game has been changed from 25 to 35.
02) Fixed the bug where you can over spend on Davids talents.
03) Added demonlord5000 and Bigtime as active testers, instead of past testers.
04) Added RAD as game mapper.
05) Every character now has a weapon type set. Meaning not all melee characters can equip EVERY hard hitting weapon.
06) The video game cameo shop keepers now have unique personalities.
07) Jeromy now STARTS with two skills at the beginning of the game.
08) Matt also starts off with a skill.

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You the practice of self-promotion
Congrats on getting another demo out the door, JP! Hopefully you'll get some useful feedback from it. I won't make any specific promises as to when I'll be able to play it, but when I do, expect some feedback.
Congrats! I look forward to seeing all of the improvements.
That was quick lol, thanks to both of you.
Are you kidding me? I live on this site, pretty much. lol
author=Ashes of Emerald
Are you kidding me? I live on this site, pretty much. lol

Lol... funny.
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