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The story centralizes around a boy who has been thrust into a world of questions,
lies, and despair. This boy will come to learn that he has been placed in a "game" to test how much he can handle what he can bare, and to then realize that perhaps this game wasn't so much of a game to begin with.

The protagonist will meet new friends and foes that will that will lead to figuring out the truth about their whereabouts, the purpose of being where the heroes are, and about why these heroes happened to have been thrown into the world they are in. In trying to uncover the many questions and to regain loss hope, these heroes may just end up insane, or even worse, dead.

Note: This project has been cancelled.

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  • 11/06/2011 06:07 PM
  • 05/08/2020 05:29 AM
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The screenshots represent an earlier version of the game.
The screenshots represent an earlier version of the game.
is there a font pack or something i need? none of the menus (the one where you enter your name for example) have any text to them, just blanks spaces so i'm guessing this games more or less unplayable for me till this is solved
The Font pack should come with the download. Do you have the font Ume-plus Gothic installed on your computer/laptop? No one else has posted a problem as of yet, but try to see if you have ume-plus gothic installed.
d'oh of course, i forgot to look through the unzipped files, yeah its there, i'll install the font later when i go to play the game again.
...dangit, turns out i already had that Umeplus-gothic font installed, tried reinstalling it using the one that came with this game to be safe but still no change from the earlier problem, i don't know what the problem is
I went ahead and downloaded the game to see if I would arrive at the same problem, but everything was working A-ok. Even the font was present. I am not sure why it is not not working for you. If the game is like this for everyone, and considering how many downloads there are already, I would be surprised to see that no one else posted.

Try downloading the game again and see if that helps.
The game is best viewed Full Screen btw. :)
redownloaded and still no good :/ maybe if i... another problem? i just tried continuing into the first area so i could open the menu and see if the problem persists past the first couple of screens (the black screen where you choose full-screen or windowed mode and the name entry, both of which had blank menu selection spaces) then when i go to (press x) bring up the menu this "Script 'FF9 Menu' line 99: RGSSError occured, Failed to create bitmap" error comes up and crashes/closes out the game.
D: I didn't get any error. I really don't know what's wrong with the game :/ I will upload a new version to see if this problem can be rectified.
I wonder...is anyone else having the same problems?
I have the same problem.And also the game is over whit a error.It crasht.The most games from here did it good on my pc.(sorry my English is not so good, i am Dutch.)
downloaded this version and i shall try the game again, hopefull with no problems

:/ still the blank menu selection thingy, still the same error
Whoops, I went back to the folder and saw some save files lying in there. So I deleted them and reposted the download link. Sorry about that D:

It's strange cause when I download it and play the game, it works fine. I'm not sure what it is, but I'll look into it.
Stuck @ the well, the exit door can't be accessed? o.o
I can't see the text in the prompts to make choices, is it a different font to the rest?

I've tried both the version from the 8th and the new one
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