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A chain game, sent from person to person, each putting in their part of the epic story in their own style.

When two mercenaries accepted an escort job--thought to be a swift and easy-- they found themselves involved into a global conspiracy that would shake the very core of the earth.

*New twist on the battle system: Each character is divided into 3 categories. Striker, Balance or Passive. Striker types regain MP in battle by attacking only. They'll gain 20 MP this way, and are usually more for saving up for a big attack.
Balance types regain 10 MP regardless of what command is used. Their skills tend to cost less but are not usually focused on having a big final attack to use.
Passive types regain 30 MP when you defend. They also start with the most MP in a battle and are Mage-types.

*Encounter Gauge which fills up as you fight encounters (which are seen on the map). Once filled, you can open up a special chest in the area.

*Party changing system

Latest Blog

Fixed bugs and improvements

The game has been out for 3 weeks now and I think the responses for the game have been very positive, which I am happy for! We went ahead and fixed up some of the issues that we found players complaining about, either design wise or due to bugs. So if you get any lag in Capital city or Crossroads in your version, you may want to upgrade to this one.

There are other bug fixes as well and some changes in dialogue, though it doesn't change the entire plot around so it is not a mandatory upgrade.

Anyway, I am glad to have worked on this along with the team, and we thank you all for playing it!


Oh my God, it's a chain game made by every artist on RMN. This is awesome.
Random fact, working title for this was SADNESS OF THE AXE at one point. I have no idea why, ask Ocean.
I think it was a parody of a game...but we can't remember what it is.
We were making fun of a title we saw a while ago called TEARS OF THE SWORD.

But god damn. Finally! It's here!
After a year 2 years!!
Who made those facesets? They're really slick.
Posting in a game I helped make

But yeah definitely getting ready to release this...once I test the crap out of it. Heh.
Ooooh, pretty game. I look forward to seeing this game released. >8D
When is the targeted release date?
Target release is somewhere between the 24th and the 30th about.
After one last testing and changes after haus (which is after 24th)
My mind is full of fuck.
Any updates?
Resident foodmonster
Bug fixing and private beta testing is going on. I wish we were done sooner but these things take time to be ironed out!

Hopefully we can get to a bigger scale beta testing when this round is done. I don't know when that'll be as I do not have the project myself, but we'll try to get it done!
Resident foodmonster
I had thought of putting up a demo but it doesn't seem too necessary if the full game will be released not too far after. But yeah, I'll see what I can do!
Resident foodmonster
Fixes are made, we still have additional battle animations we want to add first and then a final test and then for open beta. I'll let everyone know when that happens! I feel bad since we had to delay the game so long but it really is very close to release time!
Yay, it's finally done, can't wait for feedback.
I'll be Let's Playing this very soon (possibly tonight).