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A chain game, sent from person to person, each putting in their part of the epic story in their own style.

When two mercenaries accepted an escort job--thought to be a swift and easy-- they found themselves involved into a global conspiracy that would shake the very core of the earth.

*New twist on the battle system: Each character is divided into 3 categories. Striker, Balance or Passive. Striker types regain MP in battle by attacking only. They'll gain 20 MP this way, and are usually more for saving up for a big attack.
Balance types regain 10 MP regardless of what command is used. Their skills tend to cost less but are not usually focused on having a big final attack to use.
Passive types regain 30 MP when you defend. They also start with the most MP in a battle and are Mage-types.

*Encounter Gauge which fills up as you fight encounters (which are seen on the map). Once filled, you can open up a special chest in the area.

*Party changing system

Latest Blog

Fixed bugs and improvements

The game has been out for 3 weeks now and I think the responses for the game have been very positive, which I am happy for! We went ahead and fixed up some of the issues that we found players complaining about, either design wise or due to bugs. So if you get any lag in Capital city or Crossroads in your version, you may want to upgrade to this one.

There are other bug fixes as well and some changes in dialogue, though it doesn't change the entire plot around so it is not a mandatory upgrade.

Anyway, I am glad to have worked on this along with the team, and we thank you all for playing it!


Does mind affect magic defense? It's a real nice game, thanks for making it.
Resident foodmonster
Does mind affect magic defense? It's a real nice game, thanks for making it.

It does, though I don't remember how much of an effect it has. It has at least some effect though.

And thanks, we're happy that it's liked! :D
I just beat the game, didn't find all the frogs though. Beating the secret boss sure was worth it; will you collaborate on another sequel sometime in the future =]?
Greetings devs just thought I would drop in and say kudos on an awesome RPG maker game. Been playing it since yesterday and I can't seem to put it down. Love the characters, the writing, and just the over all feel of combat. Mega props to whomever came up with the special chest/encounter bar idea.

Quick question. The main battle theme which is titled "mobility_battle" in the music folder is that an original piece or did you guys lift it from something? I swear I've heard it before and it's been driving me crazy that I can't think of where.
Resident foodmonster
Uh, I have no idea! I didn't pick that track out. I'll have to ask the one who did on where its from!

But thats good that you're enjoying it! Encounter bar was my idea. I lifted it from my own game actually. Various game ideas/concepts are tests for our own projects as it turns out.
Finished the game off roughly about an hour ago. That final battle made me grit my teeth a few times but I managed just fine. Good stuff guys real good stuff. You folks seem to work well together. Given any thought to doing a sequel or another project?

BTW Ocean you ever figure out where that track was from?
It's an original track by Cyber Rainforce. Most of the music in the game is by him. You probably heard it in another game because it's open source material.
Is that so? He's pretty good at what he does then. I'll have to check out the rest of his stuff at some point.
This game was....very interesting. The battle mechanics and game-play was simply amazing. All the little touches like the encounter gauge to stuff like healing after every battle and the way the skills worked made it have a perfect amount of strategy and fun. I especially loved healing after every battle, that really freed me up to enjoy the game more and not worry about dead characters or not being able to try strategies for fear of loosing my MP. And you still had a great challenge level! I don't know what else to say other than good job here with everything, I really enjoyed it. I should mention that the secret boss felt like he had a perfect difficulty level. At first he felt impossible but after using all the augments I'd completely ignored and adjusting my strategy, I just barely beat him. I also have to wonder why every single female character has hair covering half her face. Is that some kind of in-joke?)

However, the story was, in my opinion, very bad. The fact that different people wrote it at different times meant that it never knew what tone it was going for. At first it felt somewhat serious, but light-hearted, then went into full humor with the big plot-points like the shadow council, only to suddenly switch back to very serious with the ninja subplot. The lack of a consistent tone made it nearly impossible to enjoy since I never knew how I was supposed to treat and react to the game. The characters felt very bland for me, and like you mentioned being afraid of, the two girls were always annoying. Maybe if we had some reasoning why they were like that, or the in-game characters didn't hate them? I seem to be in the minority here with the characters, though, since I can't find anybody else who felt this way, so it could just be me. I wanted to like it, but I really couldn't bring myself to at all. Still, the pub topics and developers room was a nice touch.

The end felt very rushed from both perspectives, though, with the tilesets in the final area not making any sense, to the story feeling so rushed I didn't really know what happened anywhere. (Also, wow using the secret boss' equipment + rage on the main character makes all end game stuff die in just a turn or two. I'm sure that was intended, though.)

In the end, I still had very fun time due to the polish and well done mechanics of the game. However, the lack of a clear tone of the game and only so-so writing and characters made it impossible for me to enjoy the story at all. Thankfully, it was well produced enough for to make me keep on coming back, and it seems that most people enjoyed the story to at least some extent, unlike me.

Consider this a mini-review, since I'm too lazy to write a full one. xD
Is there any way to patch or change the font?
I would like to ask if I record a play through on my YouTube channel? I will put a link in desc.
That thing you want but never who I am
I would like to ask if I record a play through on my YouTube channel? I will put a link in desc.
You can even submit it as Media to this gameprofile!
meisam your not using semicolon properly, and that's a laughing matter.
I can't hear any music, but i have sound effects, what should i do?

edit: oh shit, it was from my SW synth sorry my bad.

edit 2: some bugs to report
1- In sewer where you must find energy core, after defeating a monster on a bridge, my character get stucked
2- If you go back to the pub in the capital, the screen is black, opening menu and closing it solved the problem.

I wanna try the game . . . .
after reading the comments...
damn . . .
Gonna download it and then play . . .
Resident foodmonster
Bug reports! I'll try to take some time this week to fix those then, I didn't notice that happened!
Going back into the tavern in the capital crashed my game after you figure out what's going on. And after leaving the capital and finding yourself west of it, I went back into the capital to try and meet with Rial at the tavern and it still crashes. If you haven't had this reported I can be more specific on the first crash (I save often in different slots).

Also, by "crash" I mean it gives me a plain black screen that doesn't change in 60 seconds. Loving the game so far besides the crashes!

*edit I'm sure there is some bug reporting procedure but this was the easiest and most available so forgive me =P
meisam your not using semicolon properly, and that's a laughing matter.
@Aystutinian crash is when program stop to work and close to desktop, however there is no actual problem in your situation (the program dose not even freezed), just open the menu and and close it.
you don't even need to go there
Resident foodmonster
I know what happened, don't worry I'll just test it out and fix the sewers issue too while I'm here.
I've been looking at this game, umming and erring about it, and I dunno why I didn't play this sooner, it's rare to see all the Bahamut Lagoon sprites and stuff in one place, and this game has a quirky sense of humour that I like.