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I keep coming back to this game!

  • Nana707
  • 03/09/2017 06:29 AM
I got this game expecting nothing much just because I loved the visuals, but I found some really engaging experience instead.
Basically, the game drives itself. I haven't encountered a single time when I had to force myself through some story section because of how interesting it is when regarding dialogue and exposition.
I loved the characters (and their faces, specifically!) and their interaction. I looked forward to every situation in which they'd talk again, but the combat had its far share of flaws.

Now onto something a bit more objective.
  • Lots of interaction with the enviroment, exploration is rewarding in terms of dialogue or items

  • Characters feel fresh and very different from one another. They're easy to sum up but not overly cliche'd to the point you go 'oh, it's just THAT character'.

  • World is beautiful, levels are densely designed and never I felt walking blindly for too long.

  • Pacing is very well done. Not much time is spent doing anything so it keeps itself fresh constantly.

  • The skill-equipping system is interesting. I had fun switchin gems around to see what the characters would do with them. (Loved the tutorials btw!)

  • The intro was somewhat confusing. Felt kind of just *there* without really meaning anything at first glance.

  • Music isn't really memorable at all. Some tracks were just kind of annoying, really.

  • Combat...oh, well... It takes FAR TOO LONG for anyone's turns to come up. Some super quick battles could take minutes just to wait for characters to move. This is supported by the fact the animations are very fast.

  • Speaking of animations, the actors battle sprites are a tad confusing. While individually some of them look cool, I still don't really know what some enemies are and if that thing on my guy's shoulder is a cape or armor? Actors' attack animations are also confusing since they they enter right inside enemie's sprites and do complex motions.
    When I first got 4 party members, two of them were almost completely hidden and this felt rather unsettling
    Apart from that, the battles themselves are good enough. Skills have some nice effects and once I got used to the weird sprite style, the combat itself became a tad more enjoyble.

I'd recommend this for people who want a well executed character-driven adventure that doesn't try to be anything more than it is - and in turn becomes something a lot better.


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I agree, CoR has a really good pacing. Personally, I liked battles too and I think that they're enjoyable the way they are.
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