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-A simulated mmorpg game with depth and a driving story.
-Still early in development.

One of my tutorials for how to create a good ABS system in Rpg Maker begins with a prologue video where I used the battle system from Eden Gate as an example of what you can potentially do in the engine.

Eden Gate Battle System Part II Video Teaser (New Mechanics)

Old Battle System Video

Please look forward to further updates.
For any questions of comments please message me at: lotusgames@yahoo.com


2 Days and 2 Nights Eden Gate Trailer

This gameplay video is from Eden Gate. This video is not meant to showcase action pact footage but is intended to be enjoyed in an observant manner. 2 Days and 2 Nights trailer features and shows what will be possible in Eden Gate in terms of immersion. A day and night system with various weather effects that dynamically affect many objects the likes of trees, water, plants and so on. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Latest Blog

Two Days and Two Nights

New Eden Gate Gameplay Trailer is up! Check the front page to see it, thanks.

-Lotus Games
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This will never be finished.

Looks way too awesome.
This may be the most ambitious rm2k3 project I've seen yet.
This is a super cool looking game. I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of work that went into this.
looking awesome 8D
Thank you all very much for your interest in Eden Gate!

@Clyve: Thanks! I plan on finishing this by late next year. In the mean time I am working hard to have a good polished demo released by late January of 2012 so please look forward to that.

@New Black: Yeah I feel this is my most ambitious game to date, I am constantly finding new ideas that I implement daily. What you see in all these screens and videos are really only half of what I have already implemented. In time I will reveal more. I look forward to your support.

@Kentona: I certainly have lost days of sleep and food working on this but only because I am trying to produce a demo by early next year in January. Thank you for your interest!

@Archeia: Thank you very much please come back from time to time for further updates!

To everyone who has shown interest in this project I thank you very much. The video on this page is by my standards outdated but there to give a general idea of the system. Please look forward to further updates on this page. I also plan on creating a website for this game please refer to it once it has been created and put online for further information.
Well I think all four of us who've commented are subscribed to receive updates from your game page whenever you add anything new (judging by the number of subscribers listed), so I'm sure we'll be seeing where this goes :>
Haha I'm still very new to RMN I'm glad to hear that you guys will be receiving notifications but I would also like to generate more interest for this project. (Hence my wording of things ) =]
you've got one more, buddy, definitely want to see it
@Sauce and Superembo: Thanks you two! I plan on releasing another video post Thanksgiving so check back for more =]
The animations are impressive and greatly done! Graphically (in terms of resource quality and stuff) it's nice too, the only thing that gave me a negative impression is that characters are pixelart and rest of stuff are... well, not pixelart (menues made with photoshop or something, is just that they contrast a little).
But! It's not annoying either, not even close to be! I'm just used to say all I think... (sometimes even things where I can't even comprehend myself completely hahaha).
Also, the systems seem very fluid, that's another good part! I'll love to test it someday C:.

Subscribed by the way,
completion target is still very long, but your game is amazing
@Orochii: Thanks! Aside from sprites, spells animations, and some pics most of what you see are originals. I am actually looking for a spriter currently as I would like a completely original look for this game but I have yet to hear anything from anyone.
Thanks for your interest, and for subscribing! Hopefully you will get to test it in a few months =]

@Superembo: I agree it is a bit long, I am looking for ways to address this but to be forward I never intended for this game's battle system to be rapid fast...I wanted a feel similar to the ATB system but in a sandbox environment allowing the Hero to move freely. Thank you for your interest =]
P.S. If you look at the video near the HP and MP bars is the ABS ATB wheel, after attacking it spins gray and when the Hero is allowed to attack again it turns green...it all happens in less than a second.
You've got yourself another subscriber. ^^ Very promising looking project here. Let's hold thumbs we get a playable demo, at least. :)
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
When the PSX was the best system out there, I frequently paid $50 for games that had less work put into them and came out looking worse than this game.

I can only hope that the end result is actually fun to play.
A thought on that Youtube video:

The shop interface is really clunky. You should probably have currency displayed at all times while in the shop rather than bringing up a separate window telling you how much money you have. Also, it didn't look like you could buy more than one item at a time, which is usually important for consumables.
Thanks for all the interest in this project, I read everyone of your comments and will do my best to make this a fun and playable game. Clyve: The commands for the shop menu are at least for me complicated enough I think if I added what you are suggesting I'd get way too confused trying to manage it all. While I wish I could implement all of those suggestions..as I have thought about it, I currently have to choose between a functional system or something that may not get finished.

@Lockez: My intentions for this game were from the start to make it not only playable with little to no lag but also make it as custom as I can with a good story and fun gameplay. I hope it comes through.
@Yuna: Thanks for subscribing =]
Hey if you dont finish this game do I have permission to beat you up?
Haha I'll tell you what I've been working hard on the foundation for this game...i.e battle system, shop system, inn system, bank system, enter hero name, mini games, ocarina, weather, day&night, radial damge/agro, skill menu level system, custom menu system, pets, breakable boxes...blah blah blah..lol. SO ALL of these are DONE! I just need to finish the beastiary, crafting, and journal to be 100% complete with the foundation. Now I did this so I could translate ALL of these things into ANY game should I decide to make one...it's like an engine...ready to go to dev whatever. So if I never finish this game, I'll put all of this stuff up so people can make there own games with a HUGE starting advantage =]
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