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-A simulated mmorpg game with depth and a driving story.
-Still early in development.

One of my tutorials for how to create a good ABS system in Rpg Maker begins with a prologue video where I used the battle system from Eden Gate as an example of what you can potentially do in the engine.

Eden Gate Battle System Part II Video Teaser (New Mechanics)

Old Battle System Video

Please look forward to further updates.
For any questions of comments please message me at: lotusgames@yahoo.com


2 Days and 2 Nights Eden Gate Trailer

This gameplay video is from Eden Gate. This video is not meant to showcase action pact footage but is intended to be enjoyed in an observant manner. 2 Days and 2 Nights trailer features and shows what will be possible in Eden Gate in terms of immersion. A day and night system with various weather effects that dynamically affect many objects the likes of trees, water, plants and so on. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Latest Blog

Two Days and Two Nights

New Eden Gate Gameplay Trailer is up! Check the front page to see it, thanks.

-Lotus Games
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I'd say its taking a break rather than cancelled. It is a dream project and something I want to do properly. I just need to do a lot of studying and learning this year so I can start up my own indie game studio. Any work towards Eden Gate would slow me down =/

But once I can code, model, create better pixel art, and music I will get back to this on the side along with for-profit projects. I've learned a lot in the past few months alone so my goal is to be able to make professional indie level software by the later half of the year.
With death, something new can grow and flourish.
Awesome, double posts are just great... :S
Yeah I'm shifting my efforts into learning and creating, I'll no longer be teaching so hopefully that'll bring some better results. Also did you get a chance to play the "demo" I sent you?
yeah, I lost internet at home, so I had to download it at school.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
No! This isn't even cool! I was like eagerly waiting for this game to come out! This had so much potential...
Hopefully you can come up with something greater.
@Adon: I'm sorry to everyone who is let down by this. I hope to come back 10 times stronger when I return with a project.

@Ashes: Thanks brother, I'll try my best.
Well? It has been 5 years already..
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