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-A simulated mmorpg game with depth and a driving story.
-Still early in development.

One of my tutorials for how to create a good ABS system in Rpg Maker begins with a prologue video where I used the battle system from Eden Gate as an example of what you can potentially do in the engine.

Eden Gate Battle System Part II Video Teaser (New Mechanics)

Old Battle System Video

Please look forward to further updates.
For any questions of comments please message me at: lotusgames@yahoo.com


2 Days and 2 Nights Eden Gate Trailer

This gameplay video is from Eden Gate. This video is not meant to showcase action pact footage but is intended to be enjoyed in an observant manner. 2 Days and 2 Nights trailer features and shows what will be possible in Eden Gate in terms of immersion. A day and night system with various weather effects that dynamically affect many objects the likes of trees, water, plants and so on. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Latest Blog

Two Days and Two Nights

New Eden Gate Gameplay Trailer is up! Check the front page to see it, thanks.

-Lotus Games
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You're making a Good Developmental Progress on this. Never give up!
You've got a lot of potential and you know that. In the near-future, This might become a Featured Game when it's finished. Keep it up!
That's very high praise Wokith, I appreciate the support from you it means a lot. The trailers are all outdated now and a lot of what you saw has been improved in various ways but it has been a lot of hard work getting to even this point and sometimes it really is a pain and feels like quite a chore but somehow I manage to keep going. I hope you come back from time to time, I'll be uploading new videos and screenshots in time showcasing all the new progress that has already been made and thanks again!
Looks really amazing, I can't wait until it is completed. Just the trailers make it look so out of every other games league as far as visuals go(or rather the neatness of it all with menus and such). I hope to see this project finished and wish you the best of luck in completing it (just looking at it and trying to figure out somethings that you did look like a total and complete pain). :D
It's very daunting at times but I've said it before, Eden Gate is my dream RPG project and I finally have the knack to pull it off =] Thanks for the interest.
I had been thinking about an idea like this for a while now.
Thanks a lot Setti, see if my video tutorials helps you at all. Start with this video and work you're way up, let me know if you have a better understanding after:

It looks awesome :D,
You really have a lot of Work on this;
I'm making an RPG too :D but i'm having trouble with the Branches and Variables on don't get it i followed the helpfile, but still..
Keep up te good work though :D
@Incarnate: Thanks brother! I plan on showcasing new mechanics in a video soon as sort of a comparison video between the old battle system and the latest version.
I dont know how i feel about the combat, but your menu system is incredible.
@Superembo: Don't worry I understood just fine, right now it's about 160 mb and when finished I don't expect it to be more than 300. Hope that helps and thanks for the question.
How on earth did I miss this!? Subbed! subbed hard! <3
Thanks so much GC, I appreciate your interest in my game. =]
I-I feel left out again...(I find everything late)
Why does everyone keep the good stuff from me?!
@Oblic: Thanks mate! I'm glad you found your way onto this page, better late than never.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Waaaaaaahh! How did I not see this game?! Very impressive my good sir!
Thats dedication, what engine is it being made in?
Hey no problem. I hear you on that. I'm in the same boat. Been workin on my title for 4 or 5 years for the coding alone. Te story longer. I totally get the work load. XD