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Updated HUD- Final Version!
  • Lotus_Games
  • Added: 01/09/2012 02:45 PM
  • Last updated: 02/08/2023 08:37 PM


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I really want that treasure chest sprite.
I've been looking for a long time.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Speaking of which, can you send me over all of your map files, scratch that, the whole project? I really want to make my own game like this, is it okay if I don't change ANYTHING about it? Thanks!
Thanks Adon, haha.

Well I'd be happy to release the "engine" if I never finish the game. As it stand it has all the mechanics already implemented..to be more specific:
-A battle system with over 30 spells
-Full Menu
-Day and Night
-Economy system
-Bank system
-Shop Menu system
-Inn system
-Weather System (snow, rain, storm, fog, normal)
-Sound Effects System (ambiance and triggered)
-4 types of Doors (normal, locked, magic, locked + magic)
-Dynamic Foliage
-Dynamic Items (bomb, lattern, etc.)
-Dynamic Crafting
-Desktop Simulation
-Message System
-Custom Enter Hero Name system

anyways you get the idea and the list goes on and on...all of these systems are dynamic in the sense that they work on any map you make and most of them are triggered by a simple call event, tweaks can easily be made if you want say your own custom graphics or what not. The deal is if I don't finish Eden Gate, I'll upload the 'engine' game folder and anyone who wants can use all these systems to make their own project, all you would literally need to do is work on story and mapping with these scripts in hand.
I must see how you designed the lantern and bombs!
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