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Server Portal- Day
  • Lotus_Games
  • Added: 08/17/2012 01:11 AM
  • Last updated: 04/14/2024 09:07 PM


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Where's the black smith!!!!
Where's the WITCH!!!!
I need more blue and red potions!!!
That damn BUTCHER took my freaking loot!!!
Hmm let's see the blacksmith is in the NE corner of this map
No witch lives within these walls....yet
Blue and Red Potions don't exist but you can buy some green and yellow potions from the apothecary, maybe even a speed charm if you're so inclined ;)
The butcher took you're what!? I know you can steal from enemies in this game but there is no enemy which can steal from you...yet

That portal seriously reminds of the Chaos Gate from Dot Hack~ Does it spin? :3
NO, I'm teasing you, Lotus. It was a throw back to Diablo 1
That portal seriously reminds of the Chaos Gate from Dot Hack~ Does it spin? :3

I literally just asked that on the other newly posted screen, lol!
author=Ashes of Emerald
That portal seriously reminds of the Chaos Gate from Dot Hack~ Does it spin? :3
I literally just asked that on the other newly posted screen, lol!
Haha, yeah I noticed that right after I posted..well, glad to know it does~ :D
@Sana: Yes! It spins and fairly fluidly too. .Hack was a huge inspiration for Eden Gate though there are many differences between the two worlds. But you did nail it though, the portal was inspired from the .hack chaos gate...ever since I can remember I've tried to create a game with a similar feel and my knowledge base over the last several years has grown into everything I have put into Eden Gate. I should say though this portal is not named "Chaos Gate" and there are no key words to select here. It's just a server portal to teleport players from the town/continent/world/galaxy to the server (Star/Space)ship, more details on that to come.

@Ashes: Lol I knew it had to be a reference to something =p I was playing along as well but I guess I seriously answered your "questions" at the same time didn't I =]
Hey do you have a spell to cast that increases your visual awareness that brings up an onscreen map or something?
Hmmm that sounds very interesting. I don't but I'm curious as to how it would work exactly? Like how would it differ from purchasing a map and opening it up?
Simple my friend, This awareness spell has multiple levels and allows the play to gains a sixth sense!!! When the spell is cast the player will be less likely to get hit and the damage will more likely result in a near hit/miss! Also it affects the map by revealing all treasures and hidden artifacts for a short amount of time!


This is the part where you say,"AAAaaawwhhhh, Stranger. I'll buy it at a high price! Erh ha he ha he he heh he hehmmm.... Thank you."
Ahhhhh haha =] I love reading you're comments some most of the times Ashes.
So to answer you're question, yes and no. In terms of an evasion spell, there is an evasion charm in the game which you can purchase and when used your evasion attribute will increase temporarily same goes for strength, dexterity, defense they each have their own charms. Of course you also have a speed charm to increase move speed...or you can just purchase or rent a grunty and than there are items which will increase your magical aptitude. You can also wear equipment to give yourself a more permanent boost in these areas. The list goes on but I think I've given away too much as it is already lol -_-

As for a revealing spell there is indeed a spell you can learn called Reveal! You can see hidden traps and items when it has been cast temporarily...or you could just purchase/raise a specific "Grunty" (Mount) some of them have the reveal ability which you obtain when you mount them.

But there is no single spell to do all of that at once!
Fair enough. I remember seeing you reveal spell in your tutorial to show off the 6 pentagram placed traps.
Yes! I'm glad you remembered that pentagon trap is currently a place holder though...once I find something to better suite the look of the game I will replace them.
Oh okay, that's good to hear. I thought they looked out of place. What sort of traps did you have in mind?
Well more elemental traps, the ones I've shown so far have been infused with lightning magic so most likely other's will include fire, water, ice more when I think of them =]
Very Cool. Just curious, How many enemies can you have on screen at once?
Thanks man, you can have a total of 5 enemies at one time. Anymore than that and it becomes quite hectic especially in tight spaces!
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