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Patch v3.31C

  • DJC
  • 01/16/2018 04:27 AM
UPDATE: Patch version B may have broken the Skill Shard system for some players. The archive has been uploaded with a fix. Several other bugs were also eliminated. I'm tentatively declaring the skill swap error fixed as well, but more testing is required before I'm confident enough to update the full package.

Big thanks to players matski, starlitstorm, and missileboater for their help.

Download the patch here.

The most significant change is the final tier of several healing skills now restore a percentage of max HP, bypassing the 9999 limit. Previously, it was difficult to heal heroes that were reborn multiple times and had high HP totals in the tens of thousands. Items and skills are capped at four digits, unlike damage which is currently capped at five digits. This is a limitation of the break damage limit hack that I've not seen addressed, nor anticipate ever will be.

The implementation of percentage based healing is not without restrictions. A temporary new condition, "Reprieve", is inflicted by the healing spell upon the target. Just prior to the next turn, HP is restored, then the condition abates before the following turn. There are some custom effects that don't count as turns, such as Parasite, which could damage or kill a hero before healing occurs.

The engine also prevents skills from both inflicting and removing conditions. Spells that previously cured negative conditions no longer do so on their final tier if they now inflict Reprieve. For example, Revitalize previously extinguished all conditions in addition to healing, but no longer does so. Chakra still removes Blind, Bleed, and Poison at lower tiers, but the strongest version sacrificed this effect for the additional healing. The rationale is that late in the game the player will likely use equipment to provide condition immunity, and would prefer the significant healing boost. This also makes Purify, Esuna, and condition removing items like Remedy and Panacea more relevant again.

The Overpower and Meltdown algorithms were adjusted to similarly account for high HP totals. Also worthy of note, new riddle statues were added to the first puzzle in the Black Dragon Trial to make it easier and more engaging than simple trial and error.

A full list of changes in the update follows.


Everlong v3.31C (2018.01.16):

Eliminated bug introduced in last patch that caused skills to never equip
Keen's second Skill Scroll slot correctly displays visually
Keen's Prismatic Eye skill ignores and dispels Reflect, just like other dispel skills
Yellow Beret prevents both Daze and Paralyze; mistakenly blocked Muddle
Moved the tree concealing the path to the Dragonslayer in Nemus Aevum
All tiers of Drakeor's Spear Rain skill are now piercing type and reduce this type of physical resistance
Corrected temple names on world map display for Stellio, Lixandra, and Vaethros
Guardian Dragona gives correct directions to Kuwadora
Power creep introduced for Sammy weapons: Saber Tooth, Shark Saw, Dragon Claw, Fracture Fist, Gorilla, Mandrill; physical attacks more viable versus other heroes after rebirth but before acquiring ultimate weapons
Excised redundant dialog when confronting Khaer Magnus
Skills for all heroes update prior to final battle and Khaer Magnus fight
Addressed menu misbehavior in several Phoenix Cave rooms


Everlong v3.31B (2018.01.15):

Final tier of the following healing skills now additionally restore a percentage of HP beyond 9999 limit in battle only: Cure (33%), Restore (25%), Mending (66%), Revitalize (100%), Blessing (75%), Chakra (66%), Succor (33%), Celerity (66%); those listed skills which previously removed conditions no longer do so due to implementation restrictions
Changes to Skill Shard code to address rare bug where wrong or invalid skills equipped due to engine processing error
Overpower and Meltdown algorithms modified; defense reduction multiplier introduced for reborn heroes, based on ratio of current Max HP to normal limit
Kurgalaxes Overpower multiplier significantly reduced
Skeleton Song damage multiplier lowered to 1.25x
Atlantis light guide puzzle fixed, returns control to the player if solution display canceled or if any directional button is pressed after finishing
Vanguard inner battle background corrected when attacked on stairs
Vanguard tileset errors addressed, specific area of castle and garden fountain could be walked on
Vanguard north gate smoke effect ceases after plot events conclude; incorrectly persisted
Senator in Fhorestain congress no longer duplicates when talked to as he's leaving
Battle Arena music plays correctly for Dreaming Forest and ToKM region challenges if changed in jukebox
Monkey sound effect in ToKM puzzle fixed
Underwater timer no longer appears after surfacing in ToKM but removing Gills item
Updated Help section condition and enchantment information
Meridion library book information corrected
Loop buffer added to reduce lag in ToKM underwater areas
Autosave name change bug now corrects immediately after saving
War of the Eclipse merchant displays correct dialog based on current party
Riddle totems added to the first area of the Black Dragon Trial to facilitate puzzle solving rather than reliance on trial and error