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Patch v3.31E

  • DJC
  • 02/18/2018 07:49 PM
Click here to download the update.

This patch includes several bug fixes, including the infamous "subscript out of range (-1)" airship bug. The old airship dock mechanic of simple contact with the location has been restored. It's easier to trigger, and the alternative code did not eliminate the bug. Instead I implemented a convoluted dummy placeholder event for the airship on the world map.

The technical information for those interested or attempting to eliminate this bug in their own rm2k3 projects: due to an (inconsistent) engine bug, the teleport and transport vehicle event commands set an invalid memory pointer (null address) for the target map id and coordinates variable(s). This ONLY occurs for the airship vehicle, and ONLY if the player and airship are on the same map before the airship is sent to a different map. The player does not have to be riding the airship at the time of teleport.

Also of note is a new mini-boss mechanic for a few monsters. These enemies will adjust more specifically to heroes in automatic balance mode. The statistic changes had to be made after the battle initializes since these are random encounters, necessitating a blackout animation to hide the number pop-ups that might confuse players.

If the bug reports continue to remain quiet in the immediate future, I'll update the full package download soon too.

Everlong v3.31E (2018.02.18):

Removed debug message prior to Altar Battle
Parasite enemy skill damages correctly
Speeds of Four Fiends during second encounter and Dolus arms slightly varied to prevent overlapping turns
Behemoth King, Behemoth, Red Dragon, Hellborn, Apostate, Dragon Knight, War Mech, and Magnate HP increased to account for new damage ceiling; AP increased to maximum; other stats increased as Beherit reward merits mini-boss level of difficulty
Random encounter mini-bosses adjust HP and other stats similar to regular bosses; animation to hide HP adjusts; Battle Arena versions not modified
Aetherius battle background grid adjusted, bottom hero above display window
Purgatory BGM no longer silent when the party dies during a Siren battle and arrives there
Behemoth rare drops corrected; Bell Collar dropped instead of Ancestral Ring
Airship docks reverted to previous version behavior, only require contact to trigger dialog; easier access
Subscript out of range (-1) bug when transitioning aboard airship eliminated
Menu Quickjump functionality restored when menu initially closed
Fixed Sammy equipment and weapon access for his initial class
Cirus dummy equipment no longer accessible through Party Maker "Unequip All" oversight; new equipment on every new game+ regardless of recruitment, similar to Azrael
Removed static HP healing from spells that inflict Reprieve