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Patch v3.31F

  • DJC
  • 03/13/2018 02:40 AM
Here's a quick link to the new patch.

A few bug fixes, a batch of item adjustments particularly targeting Might and other automatic enchantments, some conveniences changes for players, but most significantly I rewrote the algorithm that tracks and restores hero statistics.

I implemented an entire new approach where heroes are reduced to their initial class, level, and stats. Then gained levels are restored, and bonuses from items and the Skull Knight are added on. This code should prevent errors causing unexplained and inconsistent stat changes seen in previous algorithms.

Previous version save files work, but slight variations will occur after the algorithm runs for the first time. I had to create new initial classes for each hero with the appropriate EXP and stat growth curves. Heroes previously used their own data until being reborn. Automatic number generation between the first and last level values will result in differences. Unfortunately, any saves with heroes possessing wildly inaccurate stats will not be fixed by applying the patch. The new algorithm will only see deviations from the base amounts as earned bonuses.

I tested the new code in relevant situations, but I'm never confident I avoided a mistake or didn't overlook a case until players run through the game without incident. I'd really like to update the full package download soon, but I want this change thoroughly tested first.

Here's a full list of the updates.

Everlong v3.31F (2018.03.12):

Rewrote hero statistic restore algorithm; more efficient, runs less often reducing lag; eliminates possible bug causing unexpected hero stat changes; compatible with previous versions, but results in slight variations due to adjusted class growth algorithms
Collector menus text fades in and out properly again
Correct total number of items in inventory displays after successful forge, trade, redeem, or harvest; previous bug displayed total with new amount added twice, though inventory was correct
Removed bug where accessing Miyagi NPC reset EXP earned toward current level

Teleport back to Ignis Castrum added in caverns beneath Niveus when plot events completed; Lava Tube mini-game can no longer be repeated for prizes outside of the Battle Arena to prevent farming
Airship dock teleport graphic exists when not docked, triggers explanation message when touched; helps alert player to docking mechanic
Static healing restored to HP skills so they function outside of battle again
New sound effects for Vanir weapon animation
Haste and Might AP cost increased; all positive enchantments now end after x turns, unless automatically inflicted by equipment
Treason removed from ultra rare machine shop since cost is zero as an ultimate weapon and two are now obtainable
Odine collector and Erus Caminus forge requirements changed for various medicines to restrict access to large quantities and promote continued redemption of ToKM monster drops
Pauldron/Spaulder equipment type renamed Gauntlet in help section; Brigandine becomes Gear, Jacket changed to Tunic; removed Bracer, as no distinction with Armlet type
Corrected Aneurysm help description
Fury condition no longer doubles STR; encourages inflicting on enemies to reduce hit % and prevent skill usage without penalty
Critical hit rate of weapons reduced

Tempest spear inflicts Mute
Robin bow no longer attacks all targets; inflicts Daze instead, normalized damage multiplier
Deadeye gun inflicts Blind
Tombstone gun no longer attacks twice at reduced multiplier; Gunslinger can now equip; inflicts Cripple instead with normalized damage multiplier
Valiant gun now inflicts Daze instead of Cripple
Ogre axe multiplier increased as requires two hands
Whale Whisker wand MAG boost reduced, DEF increased to compete with Pharaoh sceptre and Wizard wand
Perdition double blade inflicts Terror instead of Blind and Mute
Spinfuser projectile inflicts Daze
Sunrise projectile inflicts Blind
Morning Star inflicts Fragile instead of Daze
Gauntlet renamed Iron Armlet
Barrier Shield, Armor, and Helm now block all conditions, but prevent Boons; weights normalized
Aegis equipment now allows boons, but no longer increases stats
Removed negative effects from Theta equipment, but increased weight; Regen replaces Might enchantment
Lowered weight of Shackles, increased STR bonus
Adamant equipment no longer enchants with boons, weightless instead of boosting SPD; Adamant Helm blocks all conditions
Increased Battle Armor weight
Reduced weight of Maximillian
Tank Armor weight increased
Rupee Dress now increases all elemental resistances
Astral Hood inflicts Atrophy and Fragile instead of Migraine
Philosopher bestows only Focus and inflicts Fragile
Atlas Amulet weight increased; no longer casts Might on use
Phylactery now only inflicts Focus and Verve
Kinetic Idol name shortened to Idol, now halves all physical and magic damage
Ultimate equipment set renamed
Aries Armlet changed to Gaunlet type; no longer inflicts Might, but increased STR boost
Behemoth Skin increases STR instead of bestowing Might
Evade+ added to Bulwark gauntlet; removed Chaos immunity as redundant with Laurel
Laurel blocks Chaos only, not all conditions; absorb and mana resistance added
Stellar armor now available to single wield female classes
Mystile inflicts Blink; no longer blocks conditions; Evade+ removed as irrelevant; DEF to zero
Genesis no longer inflicts Reflect; mechanic overpowered, and now limited to spell cast and Reflect Ring accessory