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Quick Patch v3.34A

  • DJC
  • 11/02/2019 12:38 AM
Small new patch that addresses a few issues available here: CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD

This update also includes a couple little extras from my DynRPG tinkering, though players who inspect the database may see far more than is actually implemented. I'm hoping none of these additions currently written into my DynTag plugin will cause issues, but players please let me know if I've overlooked bugs.

Here's a list for the curious of DynRPG functions I've created but not yet integrated into the game:

*Steal, pilfer, mug skills; steal common or rare items, money; success rate increases with steal failure to avoid excessive attempts; variable success rate; affected by Duplicator; repeated steals possible
*Steal accessories: Thief Cuffs increase steal success; Bandit Crest allows stealing rare items first; Gamble randomizes steal chance
*Vampiric and Zealous weapons, equipment, skills that allow actions to absorb HP or AP based on damage dealt
*Some enemies now die instantly when their AP is entirely depleted
*Step counter and effects
*Quick skill allows multiple turns in a row
*Delay Buster skill reduces target ATB, delaying its next turn
*Quick Strike skill reduces user’s time before next turn
*Minus Strike skill deals damage equal to user’s MaxHP minus CurrentHP
*Provoke skill and Curse condition that draw enemy attacks
*Aftercast penalty on powerful skills delaying next turn
*Nova condition, death after action other than Defend, damages allies
*Kamikaze skill, deals damage to target foe, but kills caster
*Wound condition, lowers Max HP temporarily and defense
*Hex condition, damage received spreads to allies
*Virus condition, Max HP decreases with HP damage
*Bubble condition, doubles Max HP temporarily
*Bubble Belt accessory automatically enchants wearer with Bubble
*Scrooge Ring accessory lowers shop buy prices, increases sell amounts; cumulative effect if multiple rings worn
*Economizer accessory refunds AP cost of skills minus 1
*Mystery Egg accessory grants random free item uses in battle
*Calcinator accessory increases item potency
*Offering accessory enables 4x attack
*Ninja Scroll accessory increases throwing item damage
*Items may now boost skill damage for particular elements
*Items may now force skills that inflict conditions to always succeed unless target immune