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Pandemic Patch v3.34B

  • DJC
  • 05/27/2020 07:47 PM
With the covid-19 pandemic resulting in a significant amount of working from home on my part, I've had time to invest in game bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and tinkering. Here's a link to the new patch.

No full package update as I'm still not confident I didn't break something with this or preceding patches. There were lots of weird DynRPG plugin issues and database corruption I had to deal with. There also hasn't been any testing feedback, so maybe there aren't any current players to enjoy these improvements, but considering there were some game breaking bugs present, I felt the need to release a patch. I'm often playing with proof of concept DynRPG plugins, but I'm not sure if there's interest in official releases in the future.

Here's some visuals of the main quality of life improvements: menu and battle gauges, a hunt info bar, and equip/shop item compare info.

Here's the change log:

Everlong v3.34B (2020.05.27):

Fixed a bug where leftover debug code would reset primary quest tracking variable on Libra skill use, displaying the wrong story page in the journal and potentially breaking the main quest
Monster skill damage now scales similar to regular attack damage in automatic balance mode
Reduced world map initial load lag when placing hunt events and nomad village
Battle Messages now display together vertically if multiple notices are active
Death Sentence mechanics changed; count decreases automatically for target only after their turn; Hourglass skill still causes additional count reduction
Plague reduces Death Sentence starting count as battle progresses
Opening the menu on the world map and pressing the confirm key while the hero overlapped the airship no longer causes boarding of the vehicle; potentially resulted in game breaking behavior
Hero Info displays quicker and uses colored backgrounds for heroes; location name now pulled directly from game maps and areas; indicator on hero portrait when suffering from conditions; Fallen and Frozen conditions effect portrait color; can be displayed in battle by holding key “1”
Vetu’s background color changed to shadow gray to differentiate and increase visibility with black backgrounds
Corrected the classes that can equip the Crissaegrim double blade
Miyagi menu flashes heroes eligible for rebirth; portraits always displayed in color; cursor icon visual effect to increase visibility
Might, Reflect, and Blink turns before expiring decreased; overpowered effects
Hunt Info bar displays and controlled along with mini map; shows prey, predators, items available when hunting
Colored HP and AP gauges display below hero health in battle when using traditional layout
Alt battle layout removed from options; input malfunctioning, overlapping display confusing
Battle gauge layout graphics slightly modified to fit borderless portraits
Colored HP, AP, and Level gauges in menus
Shop and Equipment screens display hero statistic changes while scrolling inventory; visual comparison of equipped and selected items on key press
Replaced DynBattleChoices plugin with DynTag alternative; inexplicably ceased to function, causing counter attacks scripts to fail
Swank and Blackjack players no longer cheat by adjusting their cards based on the player’s bet
Improved Tyr-Anon Dungeon battle background with graphic filtering