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New Version 3.35

  • DJC
  • 01/16/2022 09:41 PM
The downloads section has been updated with a new full version and patch. Mostly bug fixes, but the controller support is sweet for those of us using Xbox controllers with Windows (thanks to PepsiOtaku for that plugin). Here's the update notes:

Everlong v3.35 (2022.01.16):

Added controller / gamepad support with a DynRPG plugin
Shinryu skill Atomic Breath no longer scales with physical attack power; resulted in extreme damage when auto balance mode toggled ON
Restored conditions removal effect for certain healing skills on their final tier: Succor, Celerity, Chakra
Added message when recruiting Miyagi to explain EXP and Encounter scaling turns off
The first Altair battle no longer results in an instant victory if monster scaling is active; an HP reference was missing for this monster in the scaling code
Attempted to address boss battles being unintentionally skipped outside Story Mode if the control switch was somehow otherwise toggled
Attempted to restore possibly corrupted database value for Virtuoso items that prevented the player from equipping them
Corrected MAG+ value for Mystic Pendant accessory
Siren activated battle in Cerulean Silex and Ignis Castrum against Naga Archer no longer crashes due to null event page references
Keen Skill Scroll Blink now shows correct skill reference when queried with SHIFT