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Patch v3.31A

Just a small patch to fix a few issues:

Everlong v3.31A (2017.11.28):

Fixed chest containing Siren item in Cascade Caverns that caused black screen and game freeze
Corrected Lighting FX in final Mt. Periculum cave
Sumi house closed door tile corrected to impassable
Master Miyagi no longer recruitable until all available heroes reach maximum level; prevents auto level balance malfunction
Vetu correctly level balances when first joining the party

All players should grab it from the downloads section. Not updating the main install package yet since anticipating more bug reports in the near future.


Version 3.31 Release

After a year of beta patches fixing bugs and testing improvements, the full package download is finally updated. Download the full install here.

For players that merely need to patch a v3.30 install, or were testers of the beta patches, there is a new archive with all current changes. Download the patch here.

Read the full list of changes here.

The significant addition from the beta patches is the introduction of a penalty and buff system for dual or single wielding heroes after rebirth.

Much larger plans for new equipment bonuses was stymied by plugin limitations and bugs.

The rare drop system has been expanded, and the Siren item added to make these rewards more accessible by calling battles specific to the current hero location.

Extensive coding was necessary to implement these features, and may have increased game lag for slower computers upon closing the menu or when maps refresh, such as after a battle.


Beta Patch F

After receiving some player feedback, I've implemented some requested features and recommended changes. Get the latest beta patch here!

To provide players another method for mitigating damage from special monster skills, the item Scarab Amulet has been introduced. Depending on the attack, this accessory provides immunity or reduces damage to the wearer or party. The effect amplifies as more heroes equip these amulets. One can be found in a chest in Nemus Aevum on the path to Aquaron. More can be acquired by trading with the Skull Knight, via bonus chests, or the Treasure Hunter accessory with normal treasures.

Reversal also behaves differently. Unless in Hard Mode, heroes can no longer be instantly killed, but are instead reduced to a single hit point.

Several tough monsters were reduced in difficulty, either by lowering the number of counter attack hits or their HP.

To make caster damage competitive with dual wield physical attacks in the end game, the final spell tier now has Spell Penetration and additional damage from the caster's MAGIC. With Spell Penetration, the enemy target no longer reduces damage received with its MAGIC value. Several spells also have new effects on their final tier to diversify Vetu's capabilities.

To encourage use of auto monster balance mode, revisiting training locations such as Monster Hunter Island, and add some excitement to fighting powerful enemies, some monsters now drop multiple items when fought solo. In many cases, these new drops are only available when the player selects auto monster balance and has achieved reborn heroes. Plot progress also has an effect. Note that drops were only modified for battles against single opponents, or when the monsters are all the same type, due to a limitation with the hack. Mostly powerful foes already encountered alone received new drops. Zones on the world map and several dungeons were modified to create more opportunities for such fights. Hunting is another method to find tough monsters solo.

To make Captain Jack treasure hunts more relevant once reaching the end game and having less use for money, rewards now include both items and GP. Chests also adjust to player need similar to hunting ground items. Bonus Chests from puzzles received the same item update as Jack's treasures, scaling with end game completions.

Peregrin's Memory Beacon hunts received a similar upgrade, with rare shops becoming more likely at end game, and the offerings much improved.

Everlong v3.30f (2017.06.12):

  • Scarab Amulet accessory provides immunity or damage reduction to special attacks, including Backfire and Reversal; found in Nemus Aevum along path to Guardian Aquaron; accessory effect scales with number worn and difficulty level; protects wearer or entire party depending on skill
  • Reversal only Fatal to heroes with full health in Hard Mode; in Easy and Default difficulty levels, targets at maximum HP reduce to single hit point
  • Additional final tier magic skill effects: Comet (Fragile), Fission (Atrophy), Quasar (Migraine), Meteor (Fragile)
  • Final tier of magic and summon skills possess Spell Penetration (ignores damage reduction from target MAGIC); higher caster MAGIC influence; better compete with physical attack output
  • Azrael, Sammy, Drakeor final tier healing skills MAGIC influence increased
  • Items dropped by tough solo monsters now vary and scale; plot progress and heroes reborn combined with automatic monster balancing determine new drops and their likelihood
  • Captain Jack treasure hunts include both the possibility of monetary and item rewards; adjusts to player need similar to hunting items
  • Improved final tiers of bonus chest rewards
  • Improved Ultra Rare tier Memory Beacon shop; increased likelihood of rare shops after clearing game and defeating optional super bosses
  • Expanded Dragon's Horn region on world map northwest of Dragonoir; new area only reached via airship populated with more types of dragon monsters
  • Auto Balance Mode no longer reduces regular monsters below Default difficulty values
  • Reduced auto balance values for Monster Hunter Island; previous excessive enemy HP
  • Last room of Phoenix Cave has special encounters
  • Blink replaces Dispel Slash for Keen's second skill scroll slot; already possessed skill (Prismatic Eye) that caused dispel; Devastate line skill Catastrophe cost reduced to 34000 shards to accommodate
  • Final boss casts Chaos earlier and more frequently if heroes reborn; Chaos now causes 50% Hit Rate reduction
  • The Blob and Liquid Flame now only hit twice with Backfire; Aegir now only hits twice with Retaliate
  • Lowered Aegir and Liquid Flame maximum HP
  • Lowered Beherit cost for Adamant equipment from Skull Knight collector; replaced Soul Seal trade with Scarab Amulet
  • ToKM collector now trades Osafune Insignia for Scarab Amulet instead of Image potions
  • Ray and Natalie letters quest now rewards a Soul Seal instead of Lunar Harp
    Meredith and Julia Skill Shards correctly reset upon equipment removal triggered overage
  • Golem Gear correctly prevents Terror condition
  • Corrected Sammy's reference to his master in dialog after Cascade Caverns
  • Attempted to address Nemus Aevum second Stone Knight Story Mode level adjust error
  • Script changes to scenes with Flidais and aftermath of Auctus


Beta Patch E

New update available that includes autosave functionality, manual counter attack adjustments, and various other fixes and improvements! NOTE: Unless starting a new game, players must enable autosave in options. Beware, this will ERASE saves in slots 14 and 15.

Download it here.

Remember to backup any saves before installation. Due to a lack of time for thorough testing, I'm releasing this as a beta patch until sufficiently certain of new functionality. I expect I broke something considering almost every single map was modified, hence the large size for an update. When players have had a chance to report bugs, I'm planning to finally release a new full installation package.

Going through every map reminded me of how poorly designed and coded some portions of the game are. To be fair, some of these are vestiges from the project's earliest days in year 2000 in RPG Maker 2K. Reviewing all the plot scenes, I'm also disappointed how many story and character elements were cut, but it's impossible to rewrite so much of the script at this point.

Everlong v3.30e (2017.04.06):

*Autosave function implemented; toggle in options; notification message optional; automatic saving to slots 14 and 15 alternatively after battles, cut scenes, map changes, on opening chests, after shopping or trading with collectors
*Monster counter attacks now percentage based, no longer automatic; probability scales with difficulty level; manual adjustment in monster custom scale menu; several special bosses ignore
*Switched to disharmony audio library in attempt to fix MIDI playback errors and possible crash bug
*Fixed incorrect Stellio name reference during battle
*Weapons that inflicted Dispel changed due to dual wield engine bug that caused them to instead inflict all positive enchantments; Tolerance, Fracture Fist, and Monolith now inflict Fragile
*Fixed error where a particular randomly spawned hunting grounds item caused another active item to disappear under certain conditions
*Shell, Devotion skills no longer count as Boons; prevents Khaer Magnus AI exploit
*Skull Knight collector removes correct number of Crimson Beherit for special trades
*Vetu's skills shards no longer reset when character joins party; starts with equipped skills
*Fixed a bug at Vanguard before Seraphia War where cutscenes in the fortress and military camp outside the forest repeated if the player returned to the guest room
*Addressed potential crash issue with witch chase puzzles in Tower of Propugnaculum
*Counter attack animation now ON by default when starting a new game
*Fixed bug preventing encounter rate icon from displaying in menu upon initial redraw
*Muspell counter dialog displays regardless of counter animation toggle
*Keen's skills Energy Collapse and Prismatic Eye now Dispel target enchantments; Intensity inflicts Blind and Sleep instead of Aneurysm
*New item received sound effect by player request
*New sound effect for treasure chests that contain money, and bank transactions
*Corrected encounter rate adjustment for Vanguard Forest during return to Vanguard events
*Corrected Finder Display for Vanguard Forest northern section
*Seraphia War sequence skip now takes player directly to bunker before boss fight
*Music now plays correctly when teleporting from the Aetherius to Silva Vicus with Impatient Mode active
*Music now resumes correctly when returning to world map from Purgatory in Impatient Mode
*Corrected exploitable chest in Aditus Grotto that also incorrectly affected encounter rate
*Dreaming Forest walkway bug fixed; players became stuck if standing on certain tiles when map reloaded
*Airship dock message now has transparent background to distinguish text
*Map effects and displays execute more efficiently, reducing possible lag
*Julia no longer displays erratic animations on Thank You for Playing ending screen

Progress Report

Auto Save and Monster Counter %

PepsiOtaku has graciously written a DynRPG plugin that creates an auto save feature in rm2k3. This feature will help players avoid losing progress due to rare but frustrating crash bugs. If enabled, the game automatically saves progress to slots 14 and 15, alternating between the two. Auto save triggers on map change, after battles, when cut scenes finish, and after opening chests. Players can toggle auto save, but it's highly recommended and turned on by default. The brief half second screen notification is off by default, but can be toggled. I will have to go through EVERY map to implement auto save, which is why the next patch is taking some time.

Also in the forthcoming update per feedback, players can now adjust the counter attack percentage rate. An additional slider on the custom monster scale dialog page allows for a counter rate between 0 and 100%. If switching to monster auto balance mode, the current counter rate is preserved. Easy, Default, and Hard difficulty settings scale the counter percentage to 25, 50, and 100% respectively. Previously all setting were 100%, an automatic counter. Several special bosses with unique behavior ignore this setting (Blob, Dokkalfar shadow from, etc).

A number of minor bug fixes and changes will also be included in the patch. A full list will be available upon release.


Beta Patch D

Link to the new patch.

*Inserted workaround for Seraphia war charge crash; Impatient Mode skips problematic code execution; entire confrontation scene now skipped
*Boss HP capped at 2 million to prevent variable overflow and instant death; necessitated by behavior in monster scale hack
*Boss Magic scales slower with hero average magic
*Battle Arena total and match BP no longer overflows
*Battle Arena Tyr-Anon region challenge auto balances the Borealis monsters correctly

Previous Seraphia confrontation skip wasn't working, so now the entire scene is bypassed, hopefully preventing the crash for the players that encounter this rare bug. The screen won't even fade in, you get the option to skip in Impatient Mode, and are taken straight to the next scene.

Auto balance was failing when intermediate calculated values went past a certain number, which apparently is beyond 2^31 power. Confused why not 2^32. This is a limitation of the monster scaling hack. The Goliath editor hack allows up to 9,999,999 HP hard coded, but I've had to set an artificial limit of 2 million HP for bosses because it looks like the scaling hack multiplies first before dividing by 1000. This upper limit applies in all balance modes.

Physical attacks seemed more powerful end-game against auto scaled bosses than magic, so I eased the penalty from average hero magic.

Battle Arena BP variable could overflow if players got super lucky with handicaps on the highest reward region challenges. That no longer happens, nor can you gain more BP from a match than would cause your total to overflow.

Testing the BA overflow fix, I realized the Tyr-Anon challenge has monsters from Borealis, but didn't switch to the values for that region for auto balance purposes. This resulted in the final battle gargoyles having extreme attributes. This should be fixed and balance better.


Beta Patch C

Update with latest round of bug fixes available for download here.

Everlong v3.30c (2017.01.21):

*Monster AP no longer increased in Hard Mode, not scaled in Auto Balance Mode, cannot scale up for bosses in Custom Mode; prevents variable overflow error
*Story Mode correctly skips boss battles when chosen
*Power creep for Auto Balance Mode now working correctly; total levels can now reduce balance amount to 25% of averages
*Fixed bug where Boss HP not calculating correctly in Default and Hard Modes
*Custom Monster Balance settings restore correctly after boss battle adjustments
*Enemy Skills influenced by party maximum HP, such as Uber Daemon's Doomsday, now function correctly
*Boss Altair in Atlantis had incorrect HP and monster scaling data
*Inserted workaround for Seraphia war charge crash; Impatient Mode skips problematic code execution

This patch mostly corrects bugs with the monster balancing options. Custom settings are adjusted for boss battles to guarantee a minimum HP. This prevents automatic victories at battle start that could result in some necessary code never executing. After a boss battle, custom settings made by the player reset to chosen values. Previously, a logic code error set HP to zero instead of reverting to the memorized value.

Boss AP is also now restricted to 100% in all balance modes. Increasing the AP value for bosses caused variable overflow, since these enemies already have the maximum value. This resulted in bosses with zero AP. Some regular enemies that also have maximum AP can still be affected by this issue. When I find the time, I'll implement a fix for them.

Story Mode was presenting the option to skip boss battles as intended, but regardless of player choice, battles were always fought. This was due to the control switch always being reset by the battle preparation event run before bosses. The control switch is now reset in the cleanup event run after bosses.

The power creep added in the last patch was not functioning correctly due to a flaw in the database. I had to transfer data from an old install of the game project to get files updating in Windows correctly. I forgot to increase the current variable matrix to the new size the changes in the old install required. Code was trying to execute that referenced non-existent variables. This should have crashed the program when using Auto Balance Mode, but apparently RM2K3 doesn't care about code with undefined variables, which is insane. Also, power creep used to only allow a 50% reduction in using hero stats to balance monsters against the player. Now it can go all the way down to 25% of averages.

Anything relying on calculating the party's average maximum HP was probably not functioning correctly due to a logic error. The code was not resetting the storage variable before doing the math. This resulted in too high a number. For example, enemy skills that deal damage based on maximum HP dealt excess, a particular problem for Uber Daemon's Doomsday, which inflicts one less than the party maximum. Maybe an errant delete keystroke when this event was selected in the editor removed the necessary first line that either was or should have existed.

In testing the bug fixes, I also realized the Altair battle in Atlantis was different than a normal boss. HP was increased in the last patch and a minimum value being calculated when that's actually unnecessary, since this boss does not use the death threshold to trigger the custom death animation and code. Altair had 200k HP more than intended.

Players have infrequently experienced crashes during the Seraphia War charge, probably due to the large number of map events that begin moving simultaneously. In an older version I removed some arrow picture animations, thinking those draw functions the culprit. As a player recently received this crash again, I have added a new workaround that entirely bypasses the problem code. Players only need to select Impatient Mode in options before the event sequence. This can be reverted, without missing any content, shortly after at the conclusion of the bunker scene.

I'm also aware other crash bugs plague the project. Luckily they are rare. I believe I am unable to address them, since they are caused by faults in the engine itself or DynRPG. I did have an idea to address this by forcing the game to save in the background after x amount of time or certain triggers, preferably when the teleport function is executed or after the battle scene, but I don't have the expertise or time to use DynRPG to create the necessary plugin. If there are any active DynRPG plugin coders still out there, I could use your help.


Beta Patch v3.30b

IMPORTANT: version 3.30a was faulty, any players who installed it need to overwrite with the current update.

Available for download is the promised patch that increases the damage cap, among other changes and fixes. This is a beta patch utilizing an untested hack, so install at your own risk and create save file backups! The new monster adjust algorithms worked perfectly during my limited testing, but there's always mistakes I miss. When I'm confident in the stability of the patch, I'll update the full installation package.

Everlong v3.30b (2017.01.08):

*Damage limit cap increased to 99,999 for heroes and enemies; unfortunately healing still capped; boss HP bar even less accurate as a consequence
*Power creep introduced to automatic monster scaling; additional levels turn balance ratios toward players' favor
*Automatic monster scaling now calculates enemy HP based on hero damage output when game cleared or heroes reborn
*Monster HP increases due to dual wielding heroes reduced
*Normal difficulty increases enemy HP by 125%; Hard difficulty 150%
*No longer possible to lower enemies below death threshold with custom monster scaling
*Confirm and Cancel sounds play when docking the airship
*Talking to Dianyn after reviving Cirus no longer resets quest dialog
*Skill Shard tutorial no longer equips lead hero with Fission skill
*Updated the primary quest journal entry after victory at the White Shrine to reflect story changes
*Fixed infinite revive bug when Party C defeated during final battle; now possible to lose, resulting in Game Over as intended
*Story Mode no longer automatically balances hero levels before boss fights; replaced with same prompt as HP refreshers
*Behemoth, King Behemoth, War Mech, Magnate, Dragon Knight, Hellborn, Apostate, and Red Dragon Max HP significantly reduced
*Beomaust difficulty reduced; fewer consecutive casts of Overpower, Rupture, Demolish, Power Duel, Psi Duel, and Agony
*Now possible to gain experience as long as not all heroes in the party at maximum level


Future Plans

The current version of Everlong is stable and reasonably balanced, with almost all bugs eliminated. Thanks to everyone who helped improve the game since the re-release several months ago!

I am considering a small update to introduce a player requested feature that increases the damage cap significantly. This will make the rebirth mechanism and gaining levels beyond maximum more worthwhile, especially when using the monster auto balance option. I've never extensively tested the damage limit hack, however, so I'm unsure of stability. Some necessary adjustments will also make boss HP gauges even less accurate.

I've also thought about introducing a percentage of power creep to the auto balance option, allowing player gains to slightly outpace monsters balancing against them. Currently foes will adjust to maintain a particular ratio infinitely in auto balance mode.

I'll probably start work in a couple weeks, so if players have any other requests, let me know soon so I can consider them!


Everlong v3.30 is Live

The latest version of Everlong is finally complete and available for players. Find a link to the installer in the downloads section.

This update took far longer than expected, but I think the game play is vastly improved, which was the focus. A massive thanks to all the DynRPG plugin authors, and the patience of the fans.

I could fill pages with a write up, but I'm about to leave on vacation. If players encounter any issues please leave me bug reports and I'll address them upon returning. I'm fairly confident after an 84 hour play through that the near entirety of the game should function correctly, but there's always the unexpected.

Have fun and let me know what you think of all the changes, a full log of which can be read here:

Everlong v3.30 (2016.07.30):

*Replaced battle speed algorithm, resulting in significantly faster and smoother combat regardless of hero and enemy numbers; as a consequence: hero and enemy speed values are fixed; weapon and equipment speed boosts and weights reduced; ATB toggle removed, enemies always WAIT while choosing commands; Haste and Slow skills and conditions only double or halve speed; Speed Sources removed from game
*Hero statistics can increase beyond previous limits, current values display in menu, Profile shows maximums, unfortunately Equipment no longer displays potential stat increase or decrease from changes due to limitations, and AP display in battle cutoff for large digits
*Rebirth mechanism where maximum level heroes restart at first level but keep all statistics, allowing them to gain infinite levels for increased experience; title system changed to reflect number of rebiths
*Weapon style switching between single and dual wield; also changes class and available equipment; some weapon types excluded from dual wield
*Option to scale monster difficulty; default, easy, and hard presets; or customize monster HP, AP, strength, defense, magic, and speed individually, ranging from 1% to 10,000% of default; auto balance option adjusts monsters for continuous challenge and rewards
*Hero Info for party members displays along with their portraits when menu accessed; Name, HP/MaxHP, AP/MaxAP in regular mode; expanded mode includes level/true level, skill shards/total shards, EXP to next level, STR, DEF, MAG, SPD, weapons, equipment, and accessory; modes can be toggled and display shut off; stand alone display outside menu is always expanded; portraits altered when hero afflicted with condition; low HP and zero AP altered color display
*Dreaming Forest dungeon before Dynamo boss; elven equipment treasures; twelve new dinosaur monsters
*Name change for Blackguard protagonist to Azrael
*Azrael and Cirus now playable characters later in the game
*Enemy HP, AP, and time until turn now visible in battle
*Previously hidden HP, AP, and statistic changes now visible in battle
*Battle Layout toggles in Options menu; switch between Window, Alternative, and Gauge display; large, small, and transparent windows
*Game Clock on Main Menu screen
*Hero defense and equipment defense significantly increased; greater influence in damage algorithms
*Physical and Magic skill algorithm changes: Defense and Magic reduce skill damage, Strength and Magic increase skill damage, not level
*Hero growth curves less linear; changes to individual hero statistics; Defense grows to significantly higher maximums
*Experience and encounter rates scale to expected level by default, but no longer reduce to zero; scaling can be turned OFF in options menu
*Region experience and encounter thresholds increased; allows earlier levels gains
*Added encounter rate indicator to menu; purple=every step, red=high, yellow=double, grey=normal, light blue=reduced, blue=half; no indicator in Story mode or safe zones without random encounters
*Gold costs and rewards except for BlackJack and Swank reduced by several orders of magnitude; wallet was maximizing too quickly, necessitating excessive bank trips
*Plot and character development changes and additions, mostly prior to Eridwell's Refuge

*Skills no longer cause both physical and magical damage; caused issues with attribute resistance
*New skill scrolls Reflect and Blink; skill shard costs increased over replaced scrolls
*Changed skill shard costs of Boost line: Might (4000), Protect (1500), Focus (500), Haste (5000)
*Blessing skill shard cost reduced to 30000
*Sanguine Blade no longer requires a sword
*Ether Burn no longer requires a spear
*Banishing Blade no longer requires a sword; lowers physical resist
*Tremor now single target, inflicts Petrify
*Skill Adrenaline Rush no longer inflicts Fury; engine bug with condition priorities
*Antidote: now targets all allies
*Awaken: functionality changed to removing boons from single target, renamed Cleanse
*Dispel: now single target
*Blessing: no longer increases heal attribute
*Revitalize: only final tier of skill removes conditions
*Tyr skill inflicts Fragile and reduces target physical resistance at highest tier; no longer inflicts Cripple
*Beomaust skill reduces target summon magic resistance at highest tier
*Kurgalaxes skill reduces target breath resistance at highest tier
*Skill Quasar replaced Triforce
*Lowered AP cost of Phoenix summon
*Lowered damage and cost of Conflagration, Avalanche, Luminare, and Stalagmite skills
*Comet, Fission, and Fusion changed to magic spells
*Fusion and Ultima highest tiers reduce magic resistance
*Enfeeble reduces heal benefit and resistance to absorb and mana
*Debilitate reduces resistance to elements, illusion, and magic
*Skills that no longer require a weapon: Viper Strike, Dispel Slash, Enfeeble, Debilitate, Zealous Slash
*Twister now Wind elemental only
*Dragon Crest and Dragon Force consolidated into Dragon Breath
*Whip, Whiplash, and Red Lash consolidated into Lash
*Borealis Wave and Rainbow Cast consolidated into Prism Veil
*Great Cleave consolidated into Cleave
*Dispel Slash consolidated into Dispatch
*Breath attacks no longer magical
*AP absorb or rasp skills adjusted to fit new algorithms
*Skill animations changed: Arctica, Wylderwyn, Kurgalaxes, Coriolis
*Additional skills cause conditions, either regularly or at final tier

*Monster counter attack behavior now triggered by damage from specific attribute or particular skill or action; items do not trigger counters since the command fails to behave correctly
*Additional counter attacks for many monsters
*New damage algorithms for enemy skills Overpower, Speed Burn, Mind Flux, Flak Cannon, and Meltdown due to equipment and hero statistic growth changes
*Special enemy skills adjust damage when automatic monster scaling turned ON
*Some enemy skills now defensible for half damage: Aftershock, Oblivion, Big Bang, Asteroid, Uber Slash, Cataclysm, Turbine, Fractal, Supernova, Pulsar, Obliterate, Guardian Dragona's final attack
*Monsters no longer have unlimited AP, except for bosses; additional behaviors for some enemies when AP depleted
*Spirits take half damage or are immune to physical attacks
*Spell casters, magical beasts, dragons, and some powerful enemies resist magic damage
*Enemies either absorb or resist toxic attacks like other elements; no more immunity due to malfunction with magic resist
*Doomsday now inflicts average of party maximum HP -1
*Caster's Folly now either remains at a maximum damage level or resets
*Schism and Humility formulas only apply half defense to compensate for hero attribute increases
*Keres guards the Crissaegrim in Atlantis; Archangel protects the Sentinel; optional battles
*Maleficent Ultimate Weapon guarded by Demagogue; previously second White Shrine boss
*Plague starts increasing countdowns earlier
*Number of turns before Calbrenda appears decreased and changes based on heroes reborn
*Altair's Masamune skills changed to Muramasa; now also HP absorb, but deal less damage; attack pattern lengthened slightly to compensate
*Khaer Magnus healed 10x damage during Absorption Shield
*Khaer Magnus only counters with Retaliate during Counter Stance; no counters during Berserker Stance
*Oblivion replaces Cosmic Breath as Khaer Magnus ultimate attack
*Liquid Flame counters with Backfire
*Aegir counters with Retaliate
*Monster graphic changed: Muspell, Lixandra, Coriolis, Arctica, Kurgalaxes, Veneficus, Wylderwyn, Entropy E., Apollyon, Khali, Abaddon

*Auto battle option removed
*Row changes no longer cost a turn in battle
*Counter attack trigger animation and explanation will display in any battle unless disabled in options menu
*Counter attack message displays in all battles, not just bosses
*Battle backgroud changed: Arctica, Forgotten Continent Forest, Gargoyle Necromancer, Entropy, Wylderwyn, Khali, Dynamo, Kurgalaxes

*Every weapon now has a unique battle animation
*Item description, inventory amount, and equipped amount displayed upon obtaining
*GP and item chests randomly reward additional gem loot; type of gem and quantity scales by level
*Artifacts of the four legendary heroes can now be obtained; four new weapons and twelve equipment pieces; quest in journal once active
*Staves and Sceptres have full attack value and multipliers for their weapon tier
*Staves and Sceptres primarily boost defense; Wands and Rods boost magic
*New accessories: Nucleus allows Vetu to double cast, Accelerator (auto-Haste), Rune Ring (auto-Verve), Lore Ring (auto-Focus), Reflect Ring (auto-Reflect), Bell Collar (Encounter Rate+), Ancestral Ring (EXP+), Midas Ring (GP+), Lucky Charms (Treasure Drop+), Duplicator (Treasure x2), Whistle (Max Encounter Rate), Gills (No Underwater Timers), Millionare causes all gold chests to reward Gold Bar, Gem Hunter increases number and value of gems found, Treasure Hunter randomizes generic chest loot, Fan Favorite increases Battle Points won at the Arena playing sound effect on increase, Monopolize grants wearer all EXP from battle while other party heroes receive none
*Lesser Shard, Greater Shard, Grand Shard, and Gemini accessories increase the wearer's total available skill shards; if a shard boosting accessory is removed and skill shards are not immediately reconfigured, that hero's skills are removed and shard total reset
*Gold Bar item worth maximum money value; convert between item and money at banks
*New item Panacea, equivalent to remedy on entire party, available for purchase at generic item shops and found in chests after Return to Auctus
*New potion Image inflicts Blink boon
*Removed Fruit items and vendors
*Tincture restores 50%+50 AP
*Ether restores 75%+150 AP
*Tent restores 100% HP and removes all conditions
*Roast now heals entire party for 33% HP and removes conditions
*Adjusted rare restorative item prices to reflect cost of forging
*Decreased drop rates of sources and apples, but increased gains
*Nightshade cannot target heroes other than user; immediately fatal when drunk; only active in Plague battle
*Expanded weapon and equipment types worn by certain heroes, others reduced
*Removed most double attack single hand weapons; remaining use half normal multiplier
*Two hand weapon multipliers increased
*New Flyer slayer attribute unique to bows, guns, and projectiles
*Additional new slayer attributes for weapons: Fae, Humanoid, Beast, God, Machine
*Weapons that inflict Poison are now Toxic elemental
*Knuckles and Gloves now cause Blunt damage; adjusted animations, weightless
*All Ultimate Weapons identical statistics; animations shake target
*Consilated all swords, no seperate category for Justin
*Projectiles inflict various conditions
*All daggers single hand
*Amber dagger now an ultimate weapon
*Sammy claw weapons Stingray, Gospel, and Tiger Fangs increased to regular attack and weapon multiplier for their tier
*Persecutor sword upgraded to higher tier, inflicts Mute; now a treasure in Dreaming Forest dungeon; removed from shops
*Illumina changed, never correctly drained AP due to engine bug; now inflicts Seizure, lower critical %
*Removed celestial equipment from game, unbalanced with introduction of ToKM
*Dragoon equipment renamed Eldritch, available to more heroes
*Changed Drakeor's gloves into Spaulders and Pauldrons, worn by multiple heroes
*Consolidated caps into single type, no separate category for Willis
*Error sound effect replaces regular treasure sound when attempting to acquire more items or money than inventory can hold
*Altered item description abbreviations to maximize available space
*Icon changes: swords and caps consolidated, star for inflicting conditions, circle for immunity, X for ailment or restriction

*Condition durations changed, most now eventually abate after X turns, more have a chance to end on physical damage
*Condition priorities changed to minimize untriggered abates
*New condition Drown, disables magic skills, half defense, 15% HP drain each turn
*New condition Seizure, 50% hit chance, half defense, 1% HP drain each turn
*New condition Terror, 0% hit chance, prevents skill use, strength, defense, and magic halved
*Aneurysm no longer restricts hero actions
*Fury (formally Berserk) doubles strength, defense no longer halved, 75% hit chance
*Blind now 10% hit chance; removed eye iris color in battle animation
*Spin renamed Blink, evades attacks and physical skills
*Reflect only works against magic spells, some exclusions such as summons and other group damage skills; does not reflect ally skills, such as healing spells
*New battle animations for Drown, Reflect, and Blink conditions; forced to consolidate Atrophy, Fragile, Miraine, and Cripple animations
*Death Sentence countdown numbers now displayed via plugin independent of normal conditions

*EXP, GP, and items no longer won from Battle Arena monsters; entrance fees removed
*Battle Arena Forfeit reduces BP won by half
*Boss Rush option at Battle Arena after clearing game and defeating all optional bosses; fight each boss in sequence; no menu access
*Selecting an Arena Region Challenge displays the number of completions prior to confirmation
*Battle Arena completed challenges no longer reset on New Game+
*Significantly increased BP won from certain mini-bosses in battle arena
*Battle Arena Handicap Lucky 7's no longer effects Speed; HP increases to 77,777, all other statistics to 7,777
*All Battle Arena regions and statistics except optional dungeons are available on New Game+
*Dreaming Forest and the Tomb of Khaer Magnus added to Battle Arena as region challenges
*When selecting a region, pages are now switched with the shift key
*Lucky 7 handicap chance decreased to 1/1000; Fallen One handicap chance increased
*Battle Arena BP Display will show overflow millionth digit if necessary
*Total current BP displayed on Battle Arena victory or forfeit along with winnings

*Additional Smales Statistic tracking and viewing; 25 pages with jump menu; Completion percentage displayed at bottom
*Skull Knight collector no longer maximizes Speed; only increases STR, DEF, or MAG statistics by 50% for all heroes; other rewards replaced or adjusted in price
*Pixi creates new menu designs when given a Desert Rose aboard the Inceptum or in Purgatory; previously only possible aboard the Aetherius
*Banker NPC recruitable before Forgotten Continent
*NPC Master Miyagi moved behind Tyr-Anon City Waterfall, provides rebirth mechanism and switching between weapon styles for heroes above level 99
*NPC Hammond replaced with Muldoon; moved to Alchiba; grants access to five new, larger hunting areas with an increased maximum prey count of ten, and prey cannot escape; also serves as a collector, offering rare items in exchange for monster drops, including new hunting accessories that manipulate the number of prey, predators, items, and harvest chance; harvest chance increased after recruiting Muldoon; one time bonus for defeating all prey or all predators
*Doctor Odine now grants one of three battle bonuses: EXP+, GP+, Item Find+; switch bonuses any time, infinitely; bonus effectiveness increases with amount of special items given to Odine; also serves as a collector
*NPC Odine available in Purgatory; rearranged map
*NPC Odine no longer resets on New Game+
*Extra Mason statues completed based on play time elapsed, rather than entering the world map

*All collectors now offer at least four trade items; removed redundant collectors from some locations; adjustments to trade requirements, particularly lower amounts for rare drops
*SHIFT key previews Forge, Collector, and Battle Arena Prize selection, including amount possessed, equipped, and description where applicable
*Forges display mix requirements next to each ingredient total in inventory
*Descriptions and inventory/equipped total of purchase item and ingredients displayed before forging, redeeming arena prizes, or trading with collectors; now possible to buy multiples in a single transaction for certain items
*Speed Demon removed from Arena Prizes, several rare accessories added instead
*Rebalanced when particular weapons are available for purchase
*Aetherius item and accessory shops now superior when upgraded
*Isla del Sol inn complimentary items improve with story progress; requires minimum inn cost to prevent free farming
*Funds deposited in banks now gain interest over time
*Banks now preset deposit and withdraw input to maximum possible
*Simplified bank dialog, additional bankers: Twin Shores, Providence, Alveus, Herbtown, Argentum, Laurium, Mariner's Landing, Tiro Amicus, Cirigon, Navalis, Fons Moenia, Ora Domus, Leotini, Illac Salus, Occiduus

*All heroes can hunt; no weapon requirement; each hero has a unique hit box
*Hunting areas now include up to three predators that charge the player when in close proximity, and will initiate a battle upon contact; 64 types of predators; flying predators free to cross map boundaries; water predators cannot enter land; predators may respawn after defeat
*More types of prey in hunting areas; new animals: boar, squirrel, elk, fox, swan
*Prey and predators in hunting grounds may yield collector items in addition to meat if defeated outside battle
*Success sound effect when hunting ground cleared of prey and items
*Prey, predators, and weather no longer reset when returning to a hunting ground
*Period key toggles hunting grounds message stating number of prey, predators, items, and controls
*Hunting grounds minimap that displays hero and predators in red, items in cyan, prey in yellow; transparency adjusted with / key; size adjusted with + and - keys; toggle minimap with * key
*Flowers in hunting grounds changed to unique graphics to set them apart
*Number and quality of hunt item spawns scales with primary quest progress

*Title screen now has gratuitous lens flare!
*Lowered troop rescure bonus requirements; only a single new game+ necessary for maximum reward
*Step count resets when returning to Beomaust's Lair or Solus Insula
*Impatient Mode allows skipping of game ending and credits after final boss
*Progidium Nidus final switch no longer resets on New Game+
*Heal attribute changes more effective
*Changed MP to AP (Ability Points)
*Various character, skill, item, monster, location, condition name changes
*Aeon stone graphic replacements to match name changes
*Mariner's Landing base infiltration battles feature Tyr-Anox Veterans instead of weaker Tyr-Anox Knights
*Eridwell Valiantide Base siege battles consolidated into less fights with more enemies, featuring Cirigoth grunts and new Tyr-Anox Veterans
*Removed Seraphia "joke" guard on wall and several congressmen jokesters
*Added winch puzzle to Borealis
*Warning message if Drakeor not yet ready for further dragon trials, both when entering the Nexus of Ordeals and a specific trial
*Ray and Natalie letters quest changed to accomodate new story restrictions, with Ray now first appearing in Herbtown; dialog simplified; unique graphics for both characters
*Skeleton Key chest in Tyr-Anon Island Caves now a battle against four skeletons
*Receive a Beherit each time defeating Gerovitus, and from other bosses that previously had no drop
*Replaced Cascade Caverns boss
*Replaced Incultus Regnum Castle prison boss and quest
*Tenebrosus Specus treasures upgraded
*War of the Eclipse cargo chests upgraded
*Monster battle chests in the Abyss redistributed evenly
*Nightmare sword automatically acquired after defeating the Blackguard outside Mariner's Landing
*Altair drops the Muramasa Ultimate Weapon upon defeating his mortal form; casts Drain at maximum level if used as item
*Gold found in chests has randomized addition
*Slot machines have different costs and payouts; net winnings message
*Press SHIFT to view selected skill description and power based on hero STR or MAG while in Skill Shard System
*Skill Shard system cycles forward and backward through heroes with + and - keys
*Message displayed when skills automatically removed due to equipment change that reduces available shards
*Elemental absorption heals 100% damage; previously 50%
*Party Maker System written in lower right corner of screen when forming party, similar to Skill Shard System
*Phoenix Cave bridge timers slightly increased to reduce difficulty
*Removed two battle music tracks, Jukebox now contains all tracks, several were missing
*Simplified Maona blessing dialog
*Black Dragon Trial numbered door puzzle shows numerical changes caused by torches and door requirements on adjacent floor tiles
*Menu immediately resets to new position when changed in options
*Waterfall of Seasons not accessible until after returning to Auctus
*New deep ocean tunnel connects Solus Insula and Progidium Nidus
*When switching parties in Phoenix Cave, lead hero of current party flashes to prevent confusion of controlled team
*Phoenix Cave timed spikes more difficult and damage hero, but follow a pattern
*Timed torch lighting puzzles display a timer and immediately reset upon fail
*Finder Display behavior unified for all maps; NPC Swank included; books, NPCs, and the three permanent memory beacons display as completed when obtained
*Aetherius teleports change color on toggle
*Borealis Outpost Gargoyle rooms no longer have encounters once cleared; chests appear progressively with each victory
*Rope to Cerulean Silex replaced with airship dock and teleport
*Restored random encounters on Tyr-Anon Island during the invasion, and in Vanguard Forest after receiving the Inceptum
*Abyss backround scrolls, increasing speed as player approaches core
*Boss battle music no longer plays in Abyss
*Credits additions and changes
*If a new game is accidently begun on the start menu, it is now possible to cancel back; the watch prelude choice can also be cancelled back to the parent menu
*Several new background sound effects
*Random opening and closing generic shop message; new style for Aetherius shops
*Keen Free-Style skill line changed to Illusion
*Azrael Skill Shard page expanded to include more skills and scrolls
*Skill Shard pages for all heroes available at start of New Game+; Cirus recruitment in previous playthrough required; Cirus page available on first playthrough while in party
*Heroes no longer heal when levels are automatically adjusted by the Party Maker System
*Vetu has several skills enabled by default in case the player forgets to set them before the boss battle with Gerovitus
*Invincible Four battle at Atlantis replaces second White Shrine boss
*Miyagi book replaces Incultus Regnum basement book
*World Map minimap responds to same controls as hunting minimap (size+-, opacity, toggle)
*Improved and increased ToKM vault treasures
*Skills Books removed from game
*Treasure vault added to Uber Daemon room; Abyss treasures moved to this location and replaced
*Random encounters at White Shrine roof prior to Azrael battle
*Valiantide Base drill quest removed as part of plot alterations; old expansion area now regularly accessible
*Quest to restore the Inceptum, completed after returning from the Forgotten Continent; journal entry once active; appropriated Technology Monthly magazine quest
*Thoth only grants access to Incultus Regnum Castle vault after salvaging the Inceptum; treasures significantly improved
*Story mode can be toggled anywhere except uncleared bonus dungeons
*Help section in Options Menu; lists controls and topics that describe basic gameplay and tactics
*Random encounters in last room of Tyr-Anox secret base at Mariner's Landing to allow players to level if necessary to defeat boss
*Removed random encounters from Dokkalfar's Lair
*Added free rest beds to the Inceptum, Tyr-Anon Castle during the invasion, Pons Pontus shack, Vanguard guest room, Golem's Pass thieves den, Seraphia Castle guest room, the Mirage after reaching the East Continent, Dragonoir elder's house, Vetu's house in Fhorestain, Vixen's Cabin, Occultus Gaza houses, Moogle Manor, Antiquus Fanum, Erus Caminus
*New default system graphic
*Totem display behavior unified; Impatient Mode grants faster load and close
*System sound effects changed, volumes normalized
*Uber Daemon and Khaer Magnus battles immediately repeatable on Continue+
*Special attacks by several end game and optional bosses increase in damage with hero maximum HP
*Brachiosaur encounter added to world map near Dreaming Forest
*Incultus Regnum Castle basement removed; treasures moved to Dreaming Forest dungeon
*Boulder puzzles connecting Niveus and Ignis Castrum moved to Dreaming Forest dungeon; only path to Ignis Castrum now through Cerulean Silex
*Lava Tube mini-game now replayable at Battle Arena for BP along with a second difficulty level
*Chocobo mini-games become replayable as completed individually
*Controls page expanded
*Changed the random encounters on several islands and isolated areas to rare battles
*Changes to scene when first meeting Vetu, and his dialog throughout the game
*Changes to scenes when first meeting Willis and Vixen and their Triangle Island dialog
*Impatient Mode skips boss death animations
*Shortened Dragonoir elevator ride
*Sprite Tail Collector quest completes when all tail types traded once
*Temples remain opened on New Game+
*Chocobo mini-games remain completed on New Game+
*ToKM vault remains open on New Game+, but dungeon must be completed again
*Story Mode stops allowing automatic level adjustment prior to boss fights on New Game+, or if any heroes are reborn
*Completion percentage and time to defeat final boss displayed at end of credits for speed runners and collectors
*Website link changed to RPGMaker.net game page; old website and forums defunct and removed

*Airship dock functionality changed to eliminate crash bug "subscript out of range (-1)" when entering or docking the Aetherius on the world map; press CANCEL key while hovering over location to receive prompt, then press CONFIRM key to dock; world map pauses briefly to ensure code finishes executing, but updates faster and runs smoother
*Rewrote hero statistic restore code for Battle Arena again; informs player of failure rather than causing program to hang; choice to run again, return to title screen, or continue with flawed statistics
*Seraphia war charge should no longer cause systems to pause or hang
*Several engine bugs and crashes fixed via DynRPG patches
*Drowning at ToKM no longer allows players to skip ahead in the dungeon
*All Arena Prizes now accessible after clearing game as intended
*Backfire and Retaliate skills should now calculate damage correctly for all battles; no longer trigger after defeat if other enemies still alive
*Fixed Skill Shard bug where Azrael, Vetu, Meredith, and Julia had incorrect shard cost subtractions upon reloading a page
*Attacks can no longer bypass defense of monsters impervious to physical damage
*Backfire spike damage could incorrectly change every turn by a monster's damage multipliers, not just when previous highest damage exceeded
*Options settings no longer reset on New Game+
*Demolish animation displays for Keen; previously showed for Vetu instead
*Calbrenda boss music plays at correct speed
*Jukebox track plays continuously aboard Aetherius until returning to world map similar to Inceptum
*Silentium Tumulus and Sepulcrum Profundus visible on main map immediately after receiving aspect quest that directs player to them
*Gangrene correctly executes and only kills poisoned or bleeding heroes, with caster healed only for affected targets
*Cirus steps forward when casting spells like all other heroes
*Special monster attacks correctly reset after perishing in battle and reviving in Purgatory
*Menu no longer disrupts canceling Light Path puzzle guide in Atlantis
*Revenge hits all targets for correct damage amount; previously only first target received calculated amount when multiple heroes hits
*Battle music plays at correct speed for King Behemoth battle and doesn't restart on fight initiated by puzzle failure
*All quests correctly display transparent title if completed, even if temporarily hidden during New Game+
*Blessed condition lasted longer than intended
*Some versions of skill Chi Blast did not reduce physical resistance of target
*Skill Holy Wrath did not cause Daze as stated; now inflicts Seizure and Terror instead
*Erus Caminus Forge incorrectly checked inventory for Gladiator Belt instead of Gold Hairpin when forging Illustrious Shield (formerly Imperial Shield)
*Blessed Bangle at Watts Forge now requires Holy Crucifix instead of Third Eye
*Arena Prizes incorrectly checked inventory space for many items
*Peregrine (formerly Zephyrus) now randomly chooses from all 45 Memory Beacon hunts aboard the Aetherius; previously restricted to only the 42 locations within reach of the Inceptum
*Vixen's face graphic transparency corrected
*Equilibrium skill functions for all heroes, previously only correct for Azrael
*All weapons and equipment now correctly memorized and restored when switching between separate scenario story lines
*Items found in hunting grounds should now increase inventory correctly; previously doubled or maximized erroneously in a special case
*Polaris (formerly Borealis) and Fons Moenia docks now function identical to other docks
*Selecting Story Mode Info in Options now correctly triggers a confirmation sound
*Parasite displays gestate animation on correct hero
*When returning from Abyss, music now stops correctly in Impatient Mode
*Tyr-Anon Caverns map and music errors corrected
*Hunting grounds no longer spawn atop parked vehicles
*Corrected guide arrows in the Phoenix Cave pointing in the wrong direction
*Black Dragon Trial numbers puzzle display no longer erased by accessing menu
*Finder Display errors fixed for several locations
*Hover pad puzzle room in Atlantis incorrectly had random encounters, while several other rooms did not
*All hunting grounds now reset animal and item position and weather upon return
*Fixed incorrect tiles on world map that prevented the airship from landing on particular grass terrain spots
*Skill Shard System tutorial skill names and shard cost values corrected
*Aegir's defeat correctly triggers in Four Fiends battle at Atlantis
*Enemy skills that reflect damage under certain conditions can no longer cause unscripted boss defeat
*Hunting grounds projectiles correctly reset on hit, when reloading map, or after changing party
*Agony skill damages correctly when used by Gargoyle Lord
*Geyser Eruption totem in Cerulean Silex works correctly
*Black Dragon Trial and Occultus Gaza totems correctly appear
*Progidium Nidus region challenge displays correctly at Battle Arena
*Difficulty level of Chocobo Mini-game replays at Battle Arena now reset correctly upon failure or quit
*Finder Display no longer interferes with Bank Display
*Periculum battle backgrounds correctly reflect time of day
*Corrected Asper tileset terrain settings to fix battle background
*NPCs no longer recruitable on New Game+ until Inceptum acquired or later
*Corrected War of the Eclipse airship wreckage escape battle background
*Lucky 7 handicap no longer causes Game Over when exiting Battle Arena
*Monster chests in Tyr-Anon Depths have correct battle backgrounds
*Grand Trial light effects display correctly
*Tyr-Anon Forest canopy displays correctly when returning to map