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Progress Report

Status on New Update

By player request, I'm going to post status updates on this blog since I'm getting close to a release candidate for the new version. Still a few weeks, though.

Currently working on integrating Brad and Cirus as playable characters later in the game. Need to make journal entries for the Cirus quest, a few more story changes, and a new ending that includes them. Most of the mechanics (party system, skill shards, etc.) are already done. I'll check the battle scripts and common events later to make sure they support those two heroes.


Surprise Update

The annual update was missed last year, but I'm still supporting the Everlong project. With this release comes both a new full version download and patch. There are numerous bug fixes, a complete overhaul of skill costs, and hunting grounds now spawn randomized loot. Percentage based skill costs have been replaced with a growth curve, making maximum MP gains relevant. The items in hunting grounds adjust based on need, so players can focus expenditures on weapons and equipment. This also remedies the encounter rate issue where players reached too high a level and could no longer battle monsters for money. Also worth mentioning, many skills now have additional effects at all levels or in their most powerful form, and Julia's notorious back story has been altered, albeit not developed. Read the full change log. Once again time prevented several considerations, and I'm still unable to apply Cherry's Dynpatch to fix several outstanding issues, including the battle speed algorithm. A port to the TURBU engine remains a future possibility. As always, thank you to the players for suggestions and reporting issues.


Everlong on RPGMaker.net

By request I have submitted Everlong to RPGMaker.net to help interested players find the game. The first complete version of Everlong was released for RM2K in 2004, originally based on an earlier project begun in 2000. The game has since been ported to RM2K3 and received multiple updates, though many planned additions and changes were cut due to time constraints. There is no current development on the Everlong project, though a port to TURBU is planned once that editor is finished. Bug reports and suggestions are still accepted, but updates are scarce.
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