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Akiko Tsbuaki's goal is to find her younger (adopted) sister, Kita. She had joined the Hunters from the Suri Branch. Hovever, there's more than just finding her...

An orthodox Hunter living in Suri. Akiko's life has been spend finding her younger (adopted) sister, Kita. Since an incident 9 years ago, she had to spend a year in a hospital bed recovering from critical wounds and mental damage. After being fully recovered, she met an assassin, whose name is unknown. She had trained with this assassin until his death a few years after meeting the man. She then joined the Hunters in the Suri branch, hoping her chance of finding Kita was greater. Since then, she has been a great Hunter ever since.

A young, eleven year old, girl who was with Akiko nine years ago. She's the younger (adopted) sister of Akiko. With her real mother unknown, her records show that a woman named Clarisse Karatina is her mother. Originally, her real mother gave Kita to be adopted to Akiko's family. But Clarisse kidnapped Kita a few moments after her birth. Upon her arrival as a newborn baby, she was raised by her real mother's friends and relatives who are living with Clairesse in the Karatina Family. One of the relatives also have sent her back to Akiko's family by putting Kita up for adoption at the age of two. After getting (re)adopted by Akiko's family, Clairesse had reclaimed Kita months after Kita's long stay. Clairesse has Kita under her strings via, a mind control spell, and had almost killed Akiko and her entire family.

- Side View battle System - Reminiscent of some or most retro RPG games
- Overdrive Cut ins - Self explanatory.
More later...

Latest Blog

Got Developers Block... for a bit.... happens at times.

I've been taking a break from this, especially when I felt like I need a break in the head, which has been.... very long breaks... Ehehe... My head really doesn't like staying on one thing for too long, and does need something new every once in a while. But in all seriousness, I might've gotten a bit if Developers Block, which I call is the Developer version of Writers Block. So No. I haven't done very much, though I did try to get HiddenChest Working the other day, but.... no success on that. So I've been taking a break from all the projects, and just played... well... Videogames. I'm a gamer, and I'm not afraid to admit it, though I don't play FPS games like it's a passion. When April Fool's Day hit, It kind of gave me a small bit of an edge off, since I've been looking up some April Fools Jokes, but also got some gaming time by playing Dungeons & Dragons Online with two friends... after that, Everybody's Golf for PS4, and a slight time with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.... again, on PS4. So yeah, Developer's Block again. Hopefully it breaks off little by little so I can go into serious developing time to make up for it.

Till then, I'm putting this on Hiatus, due to Developers Block.


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Being in college, and my brothers being in school, usually means that this will take awhile to make, especially for my middle brother, who does have his moments. Soo, yeah... If the deadline is up, I'll delay it if I have to.
I edited one Magic Quest Map that will appear in the game, screenshot will be made soon. the area now has water and Trees, and it's a bit better than it's original, but still not professionally made...
I dunno to say this, but.... I have Thanksgiving break, and stuff, soo... I won't be able to post anything new during the week of Thanksgiving, unless I go to someplace with Internet. So after Monday, by to me would be about 7:00 A.M. or later Eastern Time, I won't be able to post anything new for a week, which looks like I haven't posted anything new lately but... Oh well... I'll still be working on the project, don't worry about that.
Alright! The first demo is ready for Download! Give me any opinions after gameplay, and maybe some pictures stating the opinion as well. I already know about the Backdrop Problem and I'm currently making Backdrops, thank you Paint.net and a Print Screen Program!!! XD Anyway, have fun trying it out, and I hope to make a better demo in the future.
Yeah... I better be thinking of the rest of the Overdrives. Another demo will be out soon, when I see the betterness of the progress...
Hey everyone! Another demo is out and is now the Main Download.
Hmmm.... I realized that the File is like.... a bit over 100MB Big! Must be because of the maps.
I've been checking the Total Downloads, and currently there's 40 and still going. Woah.... this might make up for the lack of Story from my previous make.
I've been checking the Total Downloads, and currently there's 40 and still going. Woah.... this might make up for the lack of Story from my previous make.
I upped the deadline...... again....... due to two brothers at my place just plain old busy. I hope the game gets finished while they are busy and helping at the same time..... Literally!
Due to starting fresh, all Demos, Possibly images and Blogs as well, will be deleted. Brace yourselves!
Alright. All old stuff was deleted and I'll be starting fresh. Sorry for the inconvenience, or whatever. Don't worry, there will be another demo on the way.
NO! You can't do this! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pwease post another dwemo soown...
*ehem!* Please look at the date of the comment post before replying to it. ALSO look at the current date of the download/blog before replying as well. Thank you.
Ok, for the next demo, it won't be here until later on tomorrow, along with a new screenshot. I got to do these to the demo first:

Copy and paste the Scripts, Skills, States, and classes files from the origional to the Demo. Oh! and I might have to do the same for animations as well.
Good news everyone! sorry this might be late but, a new demo has been added and is the main download!
A new Demo has Arrived! Check it out when you get the chance!
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