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Game Design

New things

As you probably noticed by the game's Genre, but the game's now an Action RPG. I decided to switch battlesystems from what it was going to have in between the last blog and the this one. Now it's using the Lycan ABS system instead of a side view battlesystem. And I'm paying close attention to detail, with the help file on hand, to make sure the game works good. Of course graphical detail, like charset animations, will have to wait till later.

Right now, I'm currently also rebuilding parts of Suri, which has been reduced from a 2/3 country megapolis to a more modern sized city, though you'll only go through part of it. And there's where my terrible mapping skills will have to be put to the test.

Next, I also have more plans to attempt to bring this game to see the light of day..... again.... but that'll have to wait for now until everything for the main meat of the game is finished.

Progress Report

To actually start my game's story correctly, I needed to go BACKWARDS.

When it comes to things, like flashbacks, I actually don't want to do those to give out the most back story. So to start it correctly, I decided to go BACKWARDS in time, up to a certain point. Which I already did a few weeks ago, so that the need for flash backs will be very minimal, but still needed. Welp, that's pretty much it.


Got Developers Block... for a bit.... happens at times.

I've been taking a break from this, especially when I felt like I need a break in the head, which has been.... very long breaks... Ehehe... My head really doesn't like staying on one thing for too long, and does need something new every once in a while. But in all seriousness, I might've gotten a bit if Developers Block, which I call is the Developer version of Writers Block. So No. I haven't done very much, though I did try to get HiddenChest Working the other day, but.... no success on that. So I've been taking a break from all the projects, and just played... well... Videogames. I'm a gamer, and I'm not afraid to admit it, though I don't play FPS games like it's a passion. When April Fool's Day hit, It kind of gave me a small bit of an edge off, since I've been looking up some April Fools Jokes, but also got some gaming time by playing Dungeons & Dragons Online with two friends... after that, Everybody's Golf for PS4, and a slight time with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.... again, on PS4. So yeah, Developer's Block again. Hopefully it breaks off little by little so I can go into serious developing time to make up for it.

Till then, I'm putting this on Hiatus, due to Developers Block.


This game is Cancelled! [April Fools Joke]

..........April Fools! I'm not going to cancel the game.

Progress Report

I've been pretty partly quiet about this.

Happens when you're hard at work. However, it appears that I found a conflict of scripts, or probably just some error that shows something didn't go right. In short... for some reason... this error happened when I was about to start an animation in the field map. So yeah. Just testing testing testing, and seeing if I can get past certain loops.

Spoilers, the hooded man with a sword is a planned optional boss. You've been spoiled.


After being a bit silent on this, Some changes are occuring.

Not now though, but soon. I'm going to put a bit of things in here.

The Battle System change

I'm changing Battle Systems from Takentai XP to Atoa Custom Battle System. ACBS is by Atoa, who now goes by the name Victor Saint. As such, I will credit him as Victor Saint. Anyway, due to this, I'm now using the files from the ACBS demo to get things up to speed. That means starting over, but not completely. This will also take a bit of time as I am going to try spriting for the game Fighting Festivalis. If that ends up good, I may sprite the battlers for this game. For now, it's going to take some time getting the changes in. Then I can focus on changing a bit of the Story, most noticably, the beginning and pretty much where to go from there.

On hiatus until Fighting Festivalis gains some development time

Fighting Festivalis had been having a lack of time being developed. Currently, I'm still finding an engine for it, however it's now summed down to two engines:
The Unreal Engine, the Engine that a few Fighting Games were made with, games like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and possibly BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle... I think, and Unity, which I don't know if there's any Fighting Games released using this engine yet. As such, I'm going to give some time with the commercial project so that it can be known for a little bit at least. Sorry to keep all of you all's hopes up for a new version, or a full game release.

That's pretty much it for now. That's all I wanted to announce for Memorie.


My final decision in the subject of multiple projects.

I've been putting this, and Fighting Festivalis, off lately. Maybe is because of a small lack of creativity or enthusiasm. However, this one, as well as Fighting Festivalis, aren't going to be cancelled. I've been a bit overheated in the creative department, therefore putting me on a break. Lately my focus was getting this project finished, it still is, then going into the next one. So from now on, I will focus on one project at a time, to lighten the load. This isn't progress, but more like my decision from now on.

Progress Report

Early Access Half Update

a small (half) update to the Early Access Version has been uploaded. It pretty much lets you continue, there may be a bit of issues during a tournament branching so it's recommended that you win fully.

Progress Report

New Early Access Version

There's a new version of the Early Access Version available.
This fixes a couple of things, as well as go up to the finals in the tournament, and give Matsuko her own abilities instead of the ones in the default RTP.

Progress Report

Early Access..... Huh.....?

I did a lot of things, from an earlier version of the game due to my main PC being dumb and wanted to do nothing but just die, so I had no choice but to restart a bit of progress. And needless to say, I did good. A new Overdrive Ability, for Akiko, has been added, the quotes the characters say after their Overdrive Ability has been used are removed too. Story got progress, and some random NPCs.

Kita has gotten a new sprite, though I had yet to reveal her before the new sprite. She is now shorter than the other characters.

An Early Access version of the game is available. This will replace the regular updates planned for the demo. There are various reasons for this.

Throughout the first time developing the game, There were times where I was unable to continue that development version due to dying HDDs, Viruses in PC at one point, as well as some.... issues. There were a lot of things cut from it, for example - Pets and a PC from within the game. The Early Access version of the game will allow you to play the same progress that I am at in development.

Without further ado, The Early Access Version of Memorie is now here, have fun... Until you are at a stopping point.