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New things

As you probably noticed by the game's Genre, but the game's now an Action RPG. I decided to switch battlesystems from what it was going to have in between the last blog and the this one. Now it's using the Lycan ABS system instead of a side view battlesystem. And I'm paying close attention to detail, with the help file on hand, to make sure the game works good. Of course graphical detail, like charset animations, will have to wait till later.

Right now, I'm currently also rebuilding parts of Suri, which has been reduced from a 2/3 country megapolis to a more modern sized city, though you'll only go through part of it. And there's where my terrible mapping skills will have to be put to the test.

Next, I also have more plans to attempt to bring this game to see the light of day..... again.... but that'll have to wait for now until everything for the main meat of the game is finished.