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Progress Report

I cut some things out. Including pets... (sorry, no more pet companions)

Well I did it. I took out some things. Here's the list.

- The sunbeam and screen tint for new maps are removed. I didn't think it would've went well with the maps that were copied and pasted.
- The custom menu script is removed. I'm going to find another one though, either that, or find the one script thing that's false in one of the Takentai configs to show the default one again.
- Pets are removed. Sorry about this, but I couldn't re-implement it back into the game.
- Exploration and Challenge Arena has been cut. However, the 3 minute survival mode will replace these.
- Random encounters are gone, bit the enemies are on the map.
- The Ability Grid is gone. Instead of the grid, you are able to use the Orbs by themselves to learn new Abilities, for example - the NEW ability Elixor.
- I removed some Images in the images section of the game profile. I am going to try to reveal this to not only rpgmaker.net, but also to Youtube now.
- Alternete Outfits option has been removed. However, there may be a time or two where Akiko will be wearing a winter coat in the winter time.
- A lot of screenshots and all of the demos were removed from the game profile. This is because most of them are from earlier attempts.

Although without the losses, there were some gains.
I have started continuing on with the story and made a new map during this change. I've added a new ability called Elixor. This Ability will recover the ally and give them no bad status effects, given you have the MP to use it.

Progress Report

... Maybe I should've asked if anyone wanted to join in on developing this game. + progression video coming

When I started back in 2011 (the same year I graduated high school btw), I thought I could do all of this myself. Well... Apparently I was dead wrong in my tracks, and am trying to do everything myself, which it seems near impossible due to only using RTP music most of the time. What I should've done is ask if they could help out back then (mainly for character portrait matching the character graphic and personality, music, and mapping). Well, too late now. However, I don't really know how to ask to make a team for this game only as of right now.

That aside, here's some good news. I've recorded my desktop with OBS Studio, to make a progression video. And I will upload it to Youtube Channel (KDC705) and then show it here, like I did the second progress footage. Just to let you know, the video will use whatever license free music Youtube provided as I don't have a sort of Soundtrack for this game officially.

I also removed any sources of the rpgmaker.net music pack from the project, though I will admit each piece of music was really good and a few of them actually matched what map I had in mind.

I also managed to make Akiko attack up close and personal with her initial Dagger. That will be shown in the upcoming video.

Lastly, I altered the victory motion config part of the Takentai Script. Now the characters will just stand there... for now.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. If anyone wants to help out for the rest of the game development, though I may not answer immediately, PM me on this site.

This is going in the Progress Report Section due to actually showing progress.


"Why is there no date of release?"

Ever wondered why there is no release date shown on the site?

I had one planned, and it took too long. Based on that plan I should've had the game completed by then. But I changed my mind. I couldn't do it on time, let alone a small slice of it. I like to take my time on things without the need to worry about target dates. That way, I can be as thourough as I want, or completely ruin the game. I'm not here to ruin my project, more of I'm trying to get into more detail in the story, not to mention trying to have the gameplay better.

That's all you need to know about the lack of a release date for this game. Time to go back to work on continuing the story, then releasing a small demo.


Everything (almost) normal up to a point.

The WiFi USB drive I was using was a Cisco Linksys. Apparently it's the cause of all of the crashes my PC has had. I managed to get a temporary replacement of the USB drive, but I won't know how long I'll be able to use it, since I'm borrowing it until Rai2123, my brother (who helped start a (lost) character on the game, also he isn't registered on the site at the moment), I hope I have that old Wifi USB adapter I had when I had the old Compaq PC that I used to practice RPG making Offline with.

Anyway, Development is continuing now.


Uhh...slight technical difficulties just came up.... ehehe... :'(

Well this stinks. And I was on my way to continue development until Windows 10 crashed with a MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUEST error, so I had to refresh my PC, keeping the in-development game of course. This isn't the first time a PC crashed on me, and won't be the last. (Finally! it wasn't the development of the game that made a PC crash!) Anyway, the PC is refreshed and I'm getting things re-installed. I'll continue development once everything is back to normal.

Progress Report

Time for another change of scripts (Maybe) + Placeholder images?

The menu, the battle system, almost everything is getting either a better script, or a different script entirely and what I mean scripts, I mean the RGSS scripts.

Like I said a bout a couple of nights ago, development is going to be a little bit faster at least, giving the time I have some more free time on my hands.

Currently, I am going to be using some or most of bigace360's scripts. I have no clue for a battle system script, but I'll be looking (I may not even mess with looking for battle system scripts).

The script changes may not even be set in stone yet, so far I have no issues with the current scripts, except for the sounds, certain missing ones for now. I'll find them, or remove them from the current battle system.

Afterwards, due to the lack of drawing anything on paper, or PC, I'm going to make and add placeholder images for some things I'll be adding.

Progress Report

Current Weapon order Layout + Part changes

I've been doing a few things as of lately. Lately I've been thinking of weapon names. They are separated from the RPGXP preset weapons. (Names may be misspelled, but will be spelled correctly before the game is released.)

As you can see, characters, who will be in for the whole thing, gets the more weapons treatment than the temporary ones, sadly, this may end up to a solo RPG game, with a difficulty curve, due to not adding anyone else yet.

Also I think I'm almost out of unique weapon names.

That's all for now, now I better get back into making the story, then some other things.

Also, I am going to say this, the game is no longer split into parts, instead I will put the full game in there.


Resource Hunting... for a modern city tileset

Due to the later RPG Makers (Mostly RPG Maker VX Ace and MV, It's getting kind of hard to find good modern RPGXP tilesets, especially for a Modern Metropolis setting. but I may have to go way back with a internet time machine to get resources again, or manage to get a good looking modern day city tileset. Since I'm trying to make it in a 2011-ish setting, it's getting kind of hard to. Welp, doesn't mean I'd give up easily though. In the meantime, I am updating the Bios for characters who are going to be in the game.


Need a little bit of artistic help, and a tiny bit of composing help.

As I got my hands busy with things, and developing Part one, I don't know how to draw and am asking for help. I can't draw for crud right now and I'm asking for a title image for Part 1, and character portraits for these characters:

Akiko (with dagger not pistols)
Kita (though I haven't even shown her)

I'm also going to need a battle BGM for now. Sorry if it's a bit much, but I have my hands tied right now. T.T

Progress Report

2016 Demo coming soon, as well as a progress update and decisions

This will probably be the last demo shown as the storyline has been completely renewed, and the characters, and enemies, are stronger... As well as this little fresh start, the game may not be as BIG as the late 2015 Demo. Anyway, I'm still in the midst of going through maps of the older versions, yes I still have those apparenlty. So here's how the demo will go this time.

You will be able to save the game, as the demo is just a small piece of the full Part 1, which is still in development. There's more freedom than just doing the story portion as I also allowed the game instant access to both 3-Minute Survival (formerly known as Final Arena Mode) where you run around fighting off enemies in the area, and Exploration mode where you play as Akiko and explore areas with two explorers. Though these two modes are limited to a certain extent, because it's a demo, You'll be able to continue playing the game once the full version of Part 1 officially comes out.

Some new features I kind of added into this fresh start, starting with the obvious Autosaving.

I decided to have three ways to save; Saving in the menu, Save Points, and Auto Saving. Though it's ridiculous to have Save Points in a game that you can Manually save, I wanted to keep the Save Points, at least the normal and recovery ones, from the previous version that I stopped and decided to scrap-ish.

The second is a scale in some maps, though before I decided to have the 1024x768 resolution, I decided to keep these maps the way they are.

The third is a few map rennovations/remakes. I started map rennovating for the old maps, I also decided to remake some maps that were not as good (Shadowing Forest for example didn't even look like a forest in the demos or the previous versions, it was all clunky).

Well, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted about any new things that'll happen, or if I feel like showing another useful item from the older build(s).

One more thing. The demo and the full Part are kind of being developed at the same time. You see (I'm revealing a development thing), I develop part of it, decide to say "That's probably good enough for a demo", copy and paste into a new folder, then start doing compression thing (this time I'll be using the Nullsoft Setup Install thing as I found that it's free and open source). Afterwards, I release the demo, I did that in the past and so far I think it'll work well with the fresh start too.