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There's something rotten in Caldwell!

Hello, players!
It's time to play The Caldwell Incident, a 2012 short adventure game made by SundownKid (plus some friends,as it appearns in the credits) with RPG Maker XP for the TIGSource Fall Folklore Competition. Like in most other game jams, the developers had a limited amount of time (in this case it's a month) to create a game.

The game begins with some suspens music and a brief intro before presenting our protagonists: Todd, a young man that wakes up at late night because his friend Jenny, daughter of the mayor, is throwing little stones at his window to get his attention! Oh well, ok!
The girl has been out for an early run when she saw something in the woods, and she claims it was an alien with red eyes, so he asks Todd to investigate. Jenny believes that the alien is linked to the mysterious facility on the ridge behind the town, and the two sets to investigate, and just reaching the place will be a (little) challenge.

Good old-styled dialogue choices! Typical of adventure games isn't it?

Now, if I was Todd I've had refused to go with Jenny, or at least I'd have exited my home from the front door instead of using a rope to leave from the window, but uhm ok! In any case this is a short 30 minutes adventure, and have some twists and surprises so I'm not going to spoil what happens next, of course.

The gameplay is pretty simple: like in most other adventure games we have to look for clues and useful items and solve some simple tasks to obtain access to new areas. Useful items are indicated by some sparkles, and they're automatically used if you have them inside the inventory.
The game includes no battles, but there is the equivalent of Hit Points, the Suspicion Points, indicated on the upper left corner of the screen: these are the equivalent of Todd's energy, and they're depleted when you make the wrong choice or choose a bad conversation option (raising suspicion), but honestly it's not too hard to avoid mistakes!

The game uses both original music (the music of the title screen is especially good, my favourite of the tracks here) and graphic assets, in any case these are pretty average, in my opinion. They're not really bad but I played mystery games with some nicer simple custom graphics (such as Dangerous Woods, Mystery Falls or Similar Mountains), anyway these aren't really bad nor I found bugs or mapping errors.

Oh yeah, great, he's helping us, Jenny, and you are just criticizing him! Jeez!

Final Verdict
The Caldwell Incident is an ok game, especially considered it was made for a jam. The story is nice, and the game is pretty easy and simple, it's also linear and there is no reason to play it more than once. Not bad, but not special either, so it's 3/5 for me.