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-------------------THE MILLA ODYSSEY-----------------------------------------------
This is the game I am making. I have been planning to make one for awhile, and I feel I have the energy to make the kind I've wanted too. I plan to use little of the RTP graphics, but I can't say the same for the sound effects and music, although I will try to select songs for the emotion (energy) they represent.
I hope this project won't be corny or revolting in its plot. Since this game has to do with magic, I want to approach the concept in an mature manner, with the trappings of wisdom. Not that I pretend to be wise, but I trust in the wisdom & dedication of the individuals who's works inspire my current beliefs on reality.
That is to say, I am inspired by Daoism, Gnosticism, and of coarse THE DHARMA. I will try to avoid sounding like the matrix, or worse a mystic.
Also I want to try and work with concepts of extremism. This of coarse naturally leads to darkness (evil) within the human mind, and the justifications of the choices to perpetuate suffering.
I would also like to deal with reality, that is the reality we construct based on the choices made, so decisions made in game effect later outcomes. Although this might be more than I can do, I'll at least try.
Since the decision to KILL sentient life in this game has negative outcomes, then the hero's justifications must equally be as dark and extreme as the enemies he faces, and thus the more he tries to fight the evil, the more evil he becomes, so on and so forth. Only with careful and WISE decisions can the good ending happen. Live in love even if its dramatic, or die in hate.

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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
So, how's this game going ? looks great!
Best looking game I've seen in a while.
To bad this was never made I would have liked to play it.
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