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Time to show off one of many Tech demo's dusting down in my rm2k3 folder.
The demo will serve my submission for the "Release Something 11" event.

About the game itself, it's basically a top down racing game in rm2k3, somewhat like micro machines. You race on different maps with varying difficulty in terms of navigating through them. Winter levels will also have ice where you'll skid, and other obstacles is likely to be implemented at some point.

The tech demo will consist of a custom menu and 2 Playable tracks. Maybe even one more track as I have some time left until the deadline. It also features pixel movement.

The tracks consist of 5 lap runs with no opponents at the moment, so it's pretty much time trial only.

Might lag on older (and potentially less old) computers.

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I am subscribing so hard to this.
I remember seeing a youtube video for this :0 Good luck on making the deadline >>b
Are you going to have enough time to make an opponent or will this be time based racing?
I'm eager to try this too.
By the way, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge in tutorials. You're definitely helping me (and everyone) improve my skills with the engine. This is what a community is about.
Nope, not going to have enough time to make an opponent, so it will be purely time based for now. I really want to make an opponent AI for the racing game, but for now it would require too much time and bugtesting (and obviously fixing) to be doable in my already filled schedule.
Can't have everything at once I'm afraid.
Does the ice make the car skid in the tech demo, and is there a difference between driving on- and off-road? I didn't really notice.
My computer is quite old yet I had no lag at all.
What are you thinking of implementing next? Reverse? Turbo? Moving obstacles? Item panels?
There's no difference between driving on- and off-road yet, but the ice does make the car skid. The faster you drive, the more it skids. It should be visible in the last corner if you drive full speed in it.

Of things that I want to implement, Opponents to race against is pretty high on the list, a lot because of how challenging it seems to be to implement properly. I'd like to include items as well, to spice it up a bit, and also pits/deep water and other stuff to make the player focusing on staying on road.
Surprisingly, this can be used for a top-down space shooter as well.
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