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In the city of "Wing's Avenue", an albino boy gets hit by a truck, after this tragedy a new adventure begins in the "ghost city" of Antal where the strange creatures know as the A.P. became hostiles and aggressive towards the population.
Meanwhile a man tries, at all cost, to learn the secrets behind the Angels of Death...
Now the Fate of the world is uncertain and a struggle between the living and the dead begins.
This is the story of about people trying to escape from their unavoidable fate...

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Presenting the project

Well, well, I have been thinking about a semester if submit or not this game here, and finally I did it, so this is my game or rather the Remake of my game (That is why this is the "A.P. Project" and no just "Wing's Avenue)". Why a Remake? Well, the original game wasn't telling exactly what I wanted to tell, the dialogues were bad, the game play horrible and the dungeons exasperating and obviously full of bugs, so I was trying to do second part of the original game and had a mental blockage and resume the project after like two years and i'v realized that I could do it better, more like the idea I had in my head and no like some, I dunno...
So after this narcissist (There are many "I"s xD) speech, there is download of a demo (the demo is what I've done in the project, mostly graphical things, small story progress and asdfs), so as I'm Chilean (Spanish speaker) the demo was originally in Spanish, the one her is in English, i dunno how correct is the translation, i done it in a day, anyway there wasn't much to translate the demo last less than an hour, so...
And well that, i hope you enjoy this and i hope some constructive criticism, but whatever, any form of criticism is welcome xD
Good night, people (Or days or afternoon or evening or etc.)


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I can see everything. And I see that you've brought here your WA =D!
Anyway, in some days I'll be free, so if I still can help with anything (even if I have "that problem" that you know =D), you can count with me.

So, yay! Good to see more of WA,
Orochii Zouveleki
Glad to see this project escaping the mind-numbing clutch of Spanish rm communities... I just hope you keep working on it. Good luck! =)
Actually I hope it too xD
And thanks.
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