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UPDATE: Exactly 4 years after the completion of the project it was finally cleared using only the wisdom nut. The path has been opened for others to complete the game as well. I have rewritten the wisdom nut as a guide (NOT a walkthrough), sort of like a dungeon map.

In the mysterious world of aerie portals link together different worlds, and aerors are constantly exploring the unknown. Lead by a strange cloud the hero faces 7 trials that take him to 7 unique worlds like the Bridge of Death, where the game over screen is just around the corner, or the Cave of the Wise Men, where a bunch of old men are trying to confuse you.

It's best described as an adventure puzzle visual novel. There is a lot to read, but I tried to make everything worthy to be read. The focus is on content, writing, and bringing to the table what hasn't been brought before. If you're looking for an intelligent, humorous, creative experience, this is it.

- Gameplay revolves around figuring out what's going on, making sense of the environment, and how to advance and complete the trial.
- Around 4-8 hours length.
- Unconventional design with the world, the quirky characters, and the dialogue.
- I'll be blunt about what it lacks. No rpg system, no conventional battles, and resources are mostly from the rtp.
- F1 if you need to toggle between fullscreen and window screen.

1) If you downloaded version 1.1: consuming a non-consumable item or a health item while at full health will cause the game to abort. I was missing a sound file.
2) If you downloaded the game before Dec 8th 2011: in trial 5 do not let the rope down. It causes the game to abort. The rope is optional anyways.

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Wisdom Nut 2016

The message does not destroy itself after it is read. Take it with you.

Trial 1: Crossing the Bridge of Death
~ You may game over a lot, just save often.
~ Turn on all the fires and read the sign.
~ After speaking with the fairy check the boulder when all fires are on.
~ Arrange the switch colors from RIGHT to left.
~ The fairy will bless you and a different chime will sound. Then leave only one light on and cross.
~ Save before talking to Daphne.
~ Bunny hop: start on the right side, make your way across the middle, end up on the left side.

Trial 2: The Two Breakaway to One
~ Talk to everyone, check all objects including trees.
~ Pick the one with no heart and the one with no name.

Trial 3: Deeper in Dream World
~ The trial doesn't necessarily need to be completed in this order, but some events are triggered at certain dream levels.
~ Certain beds will take you back to the cloud realm. The goal is to get to deeper dream levels.
~ Don't forget you can cancel out of dialog.
~ Where the sailor was standing you can find "Intense Hot Sauce".
~ Check the hole where they removed the rock for a "worthless accessory". Take it to the merchant.
~ One of the trees at Izz`no's contains a sickle.
~ Across the bridge walk into the left side of the house. Leave through the right side of the house.
~ Shepherdess will take the invisible sheep from you.
~ Trade the hot sauce from Totom to NOOM to Shepherdess to someone manly.
~ Plant the seed where NOOM was standing in the Pub.
~ Have Goneh fuse the two useless artifacts together.
~ Onnabel will write a letter for you to access the 2nd story of the commons. Check the fireplace.
~ Talk to random kid to have the sign built into a bridge.
~ Give the orange in the healing tent's barrel to the girl in grey at Isle of Rain.
~ Give the exotic flower to the girl in the commons 2nd floor.
~ Talk to the cow by Henry's house. Now go to Lime.
~ Coconut game- Save before throwing.
Left monster (from the short grass walk 4 tiles left)
Middle monster (from the boy walk 6 tiles right)
Right monster (from the short grass walk 5 tiles right)

Trial 4: Cave of the Wise Men
~ There are 4 paradigms. In the first 3, talking to the "truth-sayer" will advance the paradigm.
~ You will know that you've moved on to another paradigm if you catch the butterfly saying something different.
~ The 4th truthsayer can be identified by a sound when you answer his question correctly.

Trial 5: Babel Tower
~ Investigate all the stone pillars and anything else that stands out.
~ The dragon has a left and right eye which can be open or shut.
~ Examine a dragon statue's left or right tile to affect its left or right eye.
~ The dragon on the second floor will close the right/left eye. The dragon on the third floor will open the right/left eye. The dragon on the first floor closes one and opens the other.
~ Walk left over the octoflake tile until you run into something. Change directions following scattered objects.
~ Petrify the statues in a way so that you can petrify as many as possible.
~ Red hair has the bucket.
~ Save before going up in the bucket.
~ In the statue room the stairs are not blocked. Go behind the statue.
~ As a lost language, not even the game creator understands it. Focus on the questions, not learning the language. If nothing else, here is where the in-game wisdom nut comes into use.

Trial 6: Beyond the Forest to the Conception of Clearing
~ An area is hidden directly west of the forest lamp screen.
~ Try talking to Rammy when he's facing the lamp post.
~ When the forest owl responds, the first part of its response will match your previous set. Match the second phrase.
~ The roundabout: number of sheep indicates crow count. Different crow count leads to different exits past the forest owl.
~ Having trouble getting the crow count to a certain number? Make a loop from the area where the hooded girl is collecting items to the forest lamp to the spinning room and back to the hooded girl's area.
~ The chicken is right: it's not a endless loop. One of the four tiles takes you through.
~ There are 8 knockable trees which pass the beat at one time or another. After all 8 beats are passed can you pass through the 9th tree blocking the shady path.

Trial 7: Remember
~ Destroy every sign you see.


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Enjoying the game. Very strange and unique. I like it!
I am having an issue on Trial 5, on the 3rd floor. I am trying to let down the rope into the hole, in the top-left corner. the text, "You let down the rope" appears, and then I get an error message saying, "Unable to find Audio/SE/161-Skill5". This exits me out of the game. I'm not sure If I am able to progress with this error. Please help.
ok it's fixed. it means some audio file is missing. sorry bout that. you don't need to re-download the new version, just don't let the rope down. it's optional
I am playing this game right now but i have encountered a bug in trial 3,I tried to use unindentified mushrooms but it said unable to find file audio/SE/buzzer2.

On the other hand the game is quite good.
Aww nuts, yeah I tried to trim down a bunch of files and it seems like I trimmed too much. Yeah, same as before, just don't use that item. The 2 mushrooms have different functions so you may be able to use the other one.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
I am going to review this.
is there a "bridge is out" glitch after around dream level 10? or is the bridge supposed to be broken again? love the game so far btw :)
Hey Ziwei, this looks looks like an interesting project. Played some and didn't get far, but I've never been good at puzzles. The writing and ideas really show some polish; would be especially interested to see what might happen if you were to do another game after this.
I'm loving this game so far! It's quite challenging, but I love it. ^_^

Although, I'm wrecking my brains at Trial 4..the Wise Man thingy. I've lost hope... (T_T)

Edit: Nevermind, finally passed it all. :D

OMG, I actually finished it! Such a heartwarming feeling. Hahah. Good job Ziwei! :D
alinktothepast: perhaps you switched it off again? (check the switch on the far western end)
Nice Job. So wait. You completed the game in 2011? I am amazed at the small file size! My demo sizes are HUGE!... I need help... lol
Very interesting game but I couldnt keep going, so sorry.

In section 3 at some point the bed in the abandoned house could increase the dream level two times, allowing something else to be skipped.

Got stuck in section 4, and used the nut. Still could not get thru and here's why:
You'd have no idea how to get thru this if you dont use the nut. The making the nut a consumable is pointless because you can just load the game and keep it. Even using the nut I can't get thru this section because after a short while the game will crash with no error message. And this will happen consistently next time as well.

I dunno what causes it to crash but it is extremely annoying to me added on top of this puzzle that is way complicated than necessary. And ironically section 4 is the smallest area compared to the other sections so far. But the crashing is just the last straw.

EDIT: Restarted and managed to play to the end. I'd say this is definitely different from anything I've played before. Very interesting game, but that section 4 was a total waste of time (in my opinion). Totally recommend this game.
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