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Wisdom Nut 2016

The message does not destroy itself after it is read. Take it with you.

Trial 1: Crossing the Bridge of Death
~ You may game over a lot, just save often.
~ Turn on all the fires and read the sign.
~ After speaking with the fairy check the boulder when all fires are on.
~ Arrange the switch colors from RIGHT to left.
~ The fairy will bless you and a different chime will sound. Then leave only one light on and cross.
~ Save before talking to Daphne.
~ Bunny hop: start on the right side, make your way across the middle, end up on the left side.

Trial 2: The Two Breakaway to One
~ Talk to everyone, check all objects including trees.
~ Pick the one with no heart and the one with no name.

Trial 3: Deeper in Dream World
~ The trial doesn't necessarily need to be completed in this order, but some events are triggered at certain dream levels.
~ Certain beds will take you back to the cloud realm. The goal is to get to deeper dream levels.
~ Don't forget you can cancel out of dialog.
~ Where the sailor was standing you can find "Intense Hot Sauce".
~ Check the hole where they removed the rock for a "worthless accessory". Take it to the merchant.
~ One of the trees at Izz`no's contains a sickle.
~ Across the bridge walk into the left side of the house. Leave through the right side of the house.
~ Shepherdess will take the invisible sheep from you.
~ Trade the hot sauce from Totom to NOOM to Shepherdess to someone manly.
~ Plant the seed where NOOM was standing in the Pub.
~ Have Goneh fuse the two useless artifacts together.
~ Onnabel will write a letter for you to access the 2nd story of the commons. Check the fireplace.
~ Talk to random kid to have the sign built into a bridge.
~ Give the orange in the healing tent's barrel to the girl in grey at Isle of Rain.
~ Give the exotic flower to the girl in the commons 2nd floor.
~ Talk to the cow by Henry's house. Now go to Lime.
~ Coconut game- Save before throwing.
Left monster (from the short grass walk 4 tiles left)
Middle monster (from the boy walk 6 tiles right)
Right monster (from the short grass walk 5 tiles right)

Trial 4: Cave of the Wise Men
~ There are 4 paradigms. In the first 3, talking to the "truth-sayer" will advance the paradigm.
~ You will know that you've moved on to another paradigm if you catch the butterfly saying something different.
~ The 4th truthsayer can be identified by a sound when you answer his question correctly.

Trial 5: Babel Tower
~ Investigate all the stone pillars and anything else that stands out.
~ The dragon has a left and right eye which can be open or shut.
~ Examine a dragon statue's left or right tile to affect its left or right eye.
~ The dragon on the second floor will close the right/left eye. The dragon on the third floor will open the right/left eye. The dragon on the first floor closes one and opens the other.
~ Walk left over the octoflake tile until you run into something. Change directions following scattered objects.
~ Petrify the statues in a way so that you can petrify as many as possible.
~ Red hair has the bucket.
~ Save before going up in the bucket.
~ In the statue room the stairs are not blocked. Go behind the statue.
~ As a lost language, not even the game creator understands it. Focus on the questions, not learning the language. If nothing else, here is where the in-game wisdom nut comes into use.

Trial 6: Beyond the Forest to the Conception of Clearing
~ An area is hidden directly west of the forest lamp screen.
~ Try talking to Rammy when he's facing the lamp post.
~ When the forest owl responds, the first part of its response will match your previous set. Match the second phrase.
~ The roundabout: number of sheep indicates crow count. Different crow count leads to different exits past the forest owl.
~ Having trouble getting the crow count to a certain number? Make a loop from the area where the hooded girl is collecting items to the forest lamp to the spinning room and back to the hooded girl's area.
~ The chicken is right: it's not a endless loop. One of the four tiles takes you through.
~ There are 8 knockable trees which pass the beat at one time or another. After all 8 beats are passed can you pass through the 9th tree blocking the shady path.

Trial 7: Remember
~ Destroy every sign you see.
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