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What is this? I don't even-

Probably the best thing since Sliced Bread.
ps. Congrats Nico~


Updated Freebies

For those who defeated the Goddess, I updated the freebies zip thingy here :O http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/files/file/19-prinprinanotherstory/

It's not much but I thought the old one was a bit lacking. The password is still the same!

And I guess new game graphics, haha :D


Error 103 Issues

For those who use Windows XP, sometimes the game isn't compatible and would cause a dumb Error 103 issue. Mostly in the start of battles or while selecting skills. It can range from many things such as:

1.) File Sharing
2.) Scripts (I think this highly depends, but it was one of those)
3.) Folder Permissions

One of the fixes that DID work is this:

-open up windows explorer(my computer)
-click on tools at the top
-click folder options
-click VIEW tab
-scroll all the way down and UNTICK "use simple file sharing"

But the error 103 still happens but super rare. Sadly, I don't know how to get around with this since it works flawlessly in Windows Vista/7. So I am guessing it's mostly a program issue :/


Princess Princess Episode 1.5 Download

Or formerly known as Princess Princess V6. There were some change in plans on how the final project would look/start etc. So this defunct chapter is not usable anymore but it's still plot important.

So here you go! I still recommend you play the original PrinPrin then play this. Since you know, connected and all or some things won't make sense at all. There's also some freebies for defeating the final boss of the game that can be used for your game projects. Will you reign supreme?!


You can also press f5 for a fast and nice fullscreen! It doesn't stretch :D

Here's some tips and hints that will help you!
Don't read unless you really got stuck.

1. If you got stuck in one of the "puzzles."
There's a boulder hiding behind one of the pillars.

2. Sairen-related
Sairen can act twice, try using Guard first then another command. Guard always make a character act first.

Check Sairen's character status menu and then Sairen's equipment. See that Contract? Make sure Sairen delivers the last kill to all enemies for more Ruby Roses. Also, make sure to pay attention to Sairen's damage output for every kill.

3.Lucky Fairy Revenge?

4. Kid-related
Spam Chocolates on Kid on the final boss to use the best skill that ever graced Princess Princess.

I would like to thank the following people for testing this version on a short notice.

Sorceress Kyrsty
Newblack (that I didn't manage to add to the credits since he was a late notice and I already uploaded the game!)

We hope you enjoy the game!
Download it over here!

Progress Report

Ah! The fires of friendship~

Last night, I added cores to the gameplay. What are Cores?

Basically, it can change the elemental strength, null and weakness. They can also change your stats as well and decrease another. It can also work in tandem with your "root" equipment, if I manage to implement it! (It means like a massive stat boost or a passive effect in battle.)

Roots act like passive effects such as, mp regen, hp regen, reflect, counter attack rates, critical rates, and so on and so forth.

These cores are also unbuyable. You have to make them. Through the power of Alchemy~

Now for the other news, we had some major bonding last night. For the sake of their identities, I'm going to codename them.

Bloo, OTL, Vampy, Sadist and Bunny.

And last night, our conversation can be summed up to this:

<OTL> Ah! The fires of friendship, stoked by the passions of a thousand erotic words!

<Sadist> I want to draw SyrnxRalph pr0n
<Bunny> do it!
<Vampy> do it!
<Bloo> do it!

minutes later...

<OTL> "Ralph looked up into Syrn's eyes, unsure of how to express the feelings in his heart"
<OTL> "Bend over." Syrn said, his eyes betraying nothing"
<OTL> "Ralph didn't have time to scream as the sword entered his back."

Which coincidentally goes hand in hand with this drawing from my erotic folder (based on that dropbox with seekret member x):

There were more things here that are disclosed for the sake of your sanity and mental image for the participants.

A bit later...
<Sadist> yes
<Sadist> oh man
<Sadist> I need to get something to drink
<Sadist> it's hot here
<Bunny> *thing
<Bunny> LMAO
<OTL> gee
<Sadist> YEAH GEE
<Bunny> i think it's the agony that turns you on
<Sadist> I'LL BE BACK
<Sadist> I need cold water

A bit later...

<Sadist> I'm almost done with this syrn and ralph script
<Sadist> do you want me to include the time
<Sadist> they actually bang'd each other?
<Bunny> how many times do they do it
<Bunny> once?
<Sadist> once
<Bunny> s;lkjasd;lfk
<Bunny> I kind of do
<Bunny> want to read it

And then a bit more later...

<Bunny> GAHHH
<Bunny> sal;dkjgsa;l
<Sadist> jhahahah
<Sadist> cliff hangers are the best~
<Sadist> hahahaha
<Sadist> I get turned on by your agony~
<Bunny> *beep*Censored for Identity Protection*beep*
<Sadist> XDDD
<Bunny> no actually evil hides from *beep*
<Bunny> as;lgksjdf;
<Bunny> FFF
<Sadist> hahahahaah
<Bunny> and there shall have to be porn or something
<Sadist> hahahahahaha
* <Bunny> points at you
<Bunny> this was evil
<Sadist> I know
<Bunny>just so you know for sure
<Sadist> and thank you~
<Sadist> I love the compliment~
<Bunny> ;aslgkjdsf;l GAH I FEEL SO BETRAYED

and a bit more later...

<Bunny> and i will sleep this pain and agony

There were more but I thought this is amusing enough~
Girl's night is the best~

Progress Report

Act One in Progress~

I should be totally studying, well I am, but I'm multitasking like a bo- *shot*
Here's a progress shot~ It's not yet done.

There's more but...spoilers. Hahah

Progress Report

I lied :(

There were actually a lot of updates because I'm persistent like that :(
But here's the list of changes

** 2/13/2012 - 3:27 PM (GMT+8)
*Party Vampire is now fixed!
*Lowered Grand Guardian's HP to 600

** 2/13/2012 - 2:41 PM (GMT+8)
*Gems are now inside battle exclusive! They no longer appear outside of battle!
*Now I don't have to worry about it ruining events~

** 2/13/2012 - 2:17 PM (GMT+8)
*Fixed the stupid Tyrfing bug again :| IT NEVER ENDS
*Party Vampire doesn't work again, whyyy

** 2/13/2012 - 1:20 PM (GMT+8)
*Decky found a bug with buffing. It's apparently debuffing you guys! I'm sorry!
*15 minutes later, I added Easy Mode and Hard Mode

** 2/13/2012 - 10:38 AM (GMT+8)
*Okay, thanks to ***'s suggestion, the states don't fill up the box anymore!
*More grammar fixes~
*Fixed the Help Window Refresh :D

** 2/12/2012 - 11:39 PM (GMT+8)
*Sky Castle Arc, is done! Now for grammar errors orz.
*Grammar Errors are now fixed!

** 2/10/2012 - 1 PM-ish (GMT+8)
*I added skits and stuff.

** 2/10/2012 - 3 PM (GMT+8)
*Fixed a bug with Forced Action. When Sairen Attacks with Tyrfing Fling first THEN have an attack for second action, it will get cancelled. It's now fixed :)

** 2/9/2012 - 5:35 PM (GMT+8)
*ONCE AGAIN, Fixed another Tyrfing Issue and this time I hope it's final, hahaha.

** 2/9/2012 - 2:25 PM (GMT+8)
*Fixed the intro as Yanfly suggested. Also fixed the Tyrfing Fling bug.
*Added Save Event Position Script, now you guys can not worry about the blocks restarting whatsoever. Which asks the question if we should add save points now since that's the only reason why we didn't do it in the first place :|

** 2/9/2012 - 9:16 AM (GMT+8)
*For this copy, you can enter battle, but the Sky Castle Events aren't done yet.
Please be patient! You can however see the "new intro" script and all that stuff.


Midterms is coming, so here, have these

Midterms is coming up and I need to study, so there won't be much updates at all! So in compensation for my silence and hoping everything will work out well, let's leave it with Naia blessing this page.

Progress Report

Testing and Dropbox

The Beta ALPHA testing for Princess Princess has begun! I'm happy for everyone's speedy reports and suggested fixes for the game! Most notably, Kyrsty for telling me about the restarting events by teleporting (instead of saving, for some reason I never even thought about it), Liberty and Decky's Dialogue suggestions and finally, YF's suggested cutscene reordering for the intro! I really thank everyone for their time!

I would also like to thank Dudesoft and Newblack for helping me with a very specific thing that I won't reveal just yet! Really guys, just thanks!

Also, thank you to TDS for all the major help (even tho he thinks they're minor >:V) he did for the scripts and my needs that are like, required FAST. I really appreciate it! For those who are curious, here's some minor screenies:

I have been in team projects before and I can't believe why I haven't ever thought about doing this myself. Using Dropbox.

At first, I was reluctant to start a Dropbox private folder sharing thingy because of many reasons. But I got tired of choppy means of updating everyone and my incredibly bad net. This was one of the greatest decision in my life, EVER. And because of reasons below:

It's so fast to transfer files over, beta testing was SMOOTH and everyone can test on the get go (Except save since they crash each other orz) and see if I missed anything. Updating is just super breezy. Everyone can share files so fast and just...it's just fast okay?!

It also serves as a motivation for the team imho because they know that something is happening to the game. This made everything just easier for us. Yes I'm just safsafafasf out of happiness, thank you very much for even reading all of it <3

Progress Report

Update Again


Totally been hard at work.
And to not make this blog post worthless aside from one sexy art post, these are some of the changes from the trial version to full version:



Have fun 'v')/

P.S. Hima defeated the optional bosses...at LEVEL 10
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