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The Pains of Making Visuals <_<

Visuals first, of course.

So far all the graphical work I did for Princess Princess has reached over 218 and still ongoing. It's hilarious how everyone has different amounts of bust shot counts. For example Celia has over 13 while Remius has a whooping 39 portraits.

Because of this however, one of the biggest thing I complain to rhyme the entire day would be making them show up in the game. And almost in a mantra, "conditional branches", "variables", "show picture"
Conditional Branch, Variables, SHOW PICTURE, Conditional Branch, Variables, SHOW PICTURE. ARGSDFSfASFASFSDAFAS

Therefore, the common events look like these:

And when I call them via events:

Rhyme however decided to be a sweetheart and made a code that instead of me trying to remember what variable shows what. I can just type in...gasp...words! We call it Emotion Manipulation Magic! Rhyme thank you for saving me from more hell ;-;

Which the ending result really is the same!

I'm glad that made my eventing life easier...sort of. Now to rearrange the code for the faces because they're not properly coded in. ;-;


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That script is a top idea. I wonder why it hasn't been thought of before? Haw much time saved...

Rhyme, hats off to ya!
Someone HAS thought of that before, in fact-- I made one a long time ago. I just recently ported it to VXA for my own use, but mine goes into the message box.

Anyway, great post, I'm glad it was made easier for ya! Also, that's cool-- VXA has a script for variables option? That will be super useful!

Looking forward to this project.
Well, if you stopped calling Sairen a girl.... nah, just kidding.
I really love the portraits, so in some twisted way I enjoy your pain
I really can't wait for this.
Remius has a whooping 39 portraits.


I'm still willing to help out with a few! I'll just make an effort to get on MSN more so you can even get ahold of me OTL
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