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A secret character can be recruited by having an ether in stock.
-The game is also funnier if you have said character.

There are 4 Heroes of Lazerine.
-They are divided into pairs. One of them is a mandatory boss battle.
-The last pair is an optional boss fight and can unlock a secret character's Alchemistry Skill Option.

Talk to the NPCs!
-You'll never know what secrets you will unfold. The game never says it outright.

Check your inventory or equipment windows once in a while.
-The game sometimes give secret bonuses~

You can finish the game by Level 12
correction, You can finish the game by Level 10
You can finish the game by Level 9!
-That includes the optional boss battle 8D
- Hima proved it wahahah
- Greensburg defeated Hima's record!