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It is completed!

Hello everyone, Nessiah here~

It's finally over. After 3 (technically 25 hours) days of non-stop work, it's finally over!
I am pretty glad how this went about. I can't even speak English straight right now due to lack of rest!

So...How did it start?
<Nessiah> I bet Craze will release the first ever, RPGMaker VXAce Trial game.
<rhyme> Let's beat him at it!
<Nessiah> Okay!

Working with RPGMakerVXAce Trial is suffering. For one, you can't open projects and then the database changes won't take effect. Rhyme and I contemplated how to make this collab work. I tested out if maps show results, and it does! So here it is! We also can't close the program down to apply the English Patch because we already did so much work. That's a bummer :(

Working with the 10 event limitation is suffering. Because we can barely add NPCS and teleport events. But because of this, we made use of the Area Tagging feature of VXAce and it's AWESOME! We wanted to do the same to the NPCs but time is ticking and we feel like we're on a race.

Working with the battles is suffering. Mostly because we can't have enough enemies, skills, items, whatsoever. I had to constantly adjust the stats and the skills they use and to make sure people won't die. They end up being too easy. Curses!

Making the story was fun. Rhyme started with the maps and I made a story based on her map layouts. But the original story came from a side project of mine The Knight and the Prince. What I didn't expect is to use the game's androgynous hero(ine), Sairen. S/he was a late addition because I had a hard time thinking
of how to make the game's story cute and silly. In the end, I made him/her a secret character in case people can't be bothered to read. Which isn't really recommended since this game relies heavily on NPC interaction (come on, there's like so few of them haha). I also made rhyme read through all of them like a boss.

Overall, it was a fun journey. I look forward for the full version of this. Yes, this is the PILOT version. 8'D

rhyme here~

Like Ness said, the trial's limitations are pretty brutal. It took a while for us to even exchange maps haha.

Despite all that, even with the trial, the creation process was actually pretty fun. The Region/Area painting tool was used pretty often to compensate for the 10 event limit (it's a pretty simple workaround actually heheh).

We had a lot of fun discovering the new features of Ace (the first few hours was literally OMG WINDOWSKIN OMG TITLE OMG ENEMIES OMG BATTLEBACKS), and we hope you will have a lot of fun playing the game!