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Fixed the demo, it should now work properly.
SMALL DEMO:http://www.fileserve.com/file/GSaS8Rd/HoF Mini Demo fixed.rar

While we are all getting drenched in those foul adventures of kings, heroes and swords that have to be found, House on Fire deals with a story of absulote insignificance. The title probably already spoiled it, but it's a bout a story with your house getting on fire and you searching for the crapsack responsible. Extremely normal, I'd be angry too if my self-built house was put on fire. Except that I'm not a hippie. Neither do I wear an eyepatch or fight with farming tools. I don't know what the hell I was doing while coming up with this story and character. We all do know, however, that the pyromaniac is going to die an awful death. Preferably something eventually involving a guillotine, even though it is not invented yet. Set in a period I am not able to name, but before the arrival of guns, this game has zombies, pirates, aliens, hippies, cookies and magic (there are plans for ninjas, but that is not certain as of yet). Pretty much everything you will ever need to make an epic game you would never forget, if not for the laziness and creative boundaries of the creator. Also, this game does not have Japanese katakana in its title to make it understandable for Japanese people, as all of you speak English or can just use Google Translate. For those that really like having katakana in the title of an RPG, imagine this being written under the logo: ハウス オン ファイア. There, I used my mad Japanese skills to whip that up for you otakus.


For now, these are the protagonists, bear with me.

Imagine a hippie who only wears something on his torso while in battle. Now imagine that same hippie fighting for world peace and doing everything else hippies do while wearing an eyepatch for a reason he tries to keep a secret at all costs. You've now got the main character of this strange game that might once be released, congratulations.

"Hah, why would you need a brain when you have devices like axes that cut through zombies just as easy! Oh, except that brains do not cut and are not sharp... wait... what."
There, I used a quote, lots of people do that when they describe their characters. You probably got a nice idea of his personality and appearance now, too. If not, well, too bad.

Many people wonder if this scientific individual actually comes from the future. Though, probably not because when you ask him, he will firmly reply: "No, but I am smarter than you, that's for sure." Jan has the brains and the futuristic magic you will need to kick everyone's ass.

He has the longest name of the protagonists. Well, yeah, what else to say about this fellow, except that he's the incarnation of pure awesome? Oh yes, he can summon zombies and kind of accidentally lower the temperature of a whole village to beneath freezing point. Making 'scrap traps' from loose iFat parts, reviving party members with his zombifying magic, he is probably not someone you'd want to mess with. Unless you want to see his amazing abilities, that is.


Ah yes, a wonderfully crafted title screen. Not by me, obviously. I have to thank the good sir RadethDart for this.

Some random voice in your mind purposedly wakes you up in the middle of the night with a strange message. WHAT COULD THIS RAGE OF PURE CAPS-LOCK POSSIBLY MEAN!?

Oh, I see.

"What!? A grave as a save point!? Why!?"
One: Talking gravestones have always intrigued me.
Two: If you are to die, what better thing to remember what you did before you died than a gravestone?

This is probably a puzzle you will not succeed in solving. In fact, I suck at it, too. It is kind of difficult and a hassle.

Counius accidentally robbed all the warmth of Boijt's hometown, and the latter is not very happy about that.

The toxic air of Dor'thump is probably not good for your health.

Consulting Mayor Senior of Yurkinem about his son may or may not help you on your quest.


Credit list:

Title screen:

Matsuo Kaito

Modern Algebra
Mr Bubble

Feel free to say anything about this project, be it insulting or not.

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I downloaded the game, but I get an error. Says it's unable to load Map065.
WHATTTT, oh damn, I'm gonna look into that right away.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I also downloaded the game, but for some reason the download count is still 0. I am going to have look into why...
Fixed the demo.
Link: http://www.fileserve.com/file/GSaS8Rd/HoF%20Mini%20Demo%20fixed.rar

Sorry for the one I uploaded earlier, was a bad mistake on my part!
Another old game lacking a valid download link.
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