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Ganymede's mortal life was cut short when he was killed in the middle of graduating college. Soon after, he is given another chance at life as a GATEKEEPER, gifted individuals who harbor inside them souls of a god-lite entities. Under the guidance of Dr. Dylan Perry, Ganymede learns about himself and his powers -- as well as befriend others like him. When the presence of another gatekeeper shows up on Perry's radar, Ganymede and his friends race to find this individual before The Dark Child does, a fearsome foe who will stop at nothing to rid the world of gatekeepers, despite being a gatekeeper herself. The mission takes a horrific turn when they are too late, and Ganymede's life is once again turned upside down. With his back against the wall, he is forced to fight back, but at what cost? And is The Dark Child his true enemy? Furthermore, what is Eden and what role does it play in all this? How can Ganymede save reality when it is his very existence that disturbs it?

GATEKEEPER is a high-modern tale that combines cyperpunk, fantasy, drama, and New Age philosophy to deliver an RPG with more twists and turns than a pretzel. Some features include:

- Sandbox gameplay
- Branching pathways
- Multiple endings
- Can control up to 13 different playable characters at any given time
- Secret characters
- New Game+

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  • 12/02/2011 06:32 AM
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It might just be an idiot operator problem on my behalf, but I can't get the font to show up. I installed it, restarted my computer, brought the game up and still didn't have any visible text.
Damn, that's horrible. The game uses AGENCY FB font. If you haven't done so already, check to see if you have it. If not, you can probably find it from somewhere online. I really should have included it, sorry!

If that doesn't work, then I will look into the problem further when I get back home.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Great story, sounds fun, and as always, I love that mix of real life pictures and rpg sprites or vice versa.
The new font did it, thanks! I'll be trying this out a little later tonight.

Edited - To avoid double posting.

I experienced a couple of crashes that I PMed you about, but other than that I'm liking the game so far. It kind of feels like someone put the Persona Series in a blender with elements of the Matrix, which is meant to be taken as a compliment!

Also, Ganymede's faceset really creeps me out for some reason, with Sammy coming in a close second, but I'll get used to it.
The Matrix<3 Persona<33 It seems like MegaTen's influence bleeds into everything I do. It's like the Madonna to my Lady GaGa.

I'm glad you like the game thus far! I was inspired a lot by the Sierra games and other games like it, particularly Rise of the Dragon and the Gabriel Knight series. In the full game, you're going to be able to view scenes out of sequence, recruit who you want to recruit, and beat the game when you want to beat it (for the most part). This is more of a side project though, so I don't want it to be very long...
nice game hope i download it soon and i mean sooooooon xD

anyway it say it have Multiple endings dont want to ask this but can you make guide (walkthroughs) >.<
That I shall! All of my stuff come with guides. =) I write as I go through the game.
lol Yup. I just decided to upload everything I had on my computer, since it will probably be a while until this game is completed
I thought the game was stand-alone. Didn't know it wasn't, courtesy of RPG Maker. But last night, I did re-compress the game and all that jazz, tested it on a computer that didn't have VX, and it worked fine. So I replaced the download links last night. Sorry for all the mess!!! :)
I actually don't, but good for you! =D
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Always love your crazy games, keep it up!
Thanks!!! I love making crazy games. =D
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