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Name : Aqua Nebulon
Genre : ShootemUp
Engine : Unity 3.2
Current Version : Demo V 0.1.14p
Size : 28 MB

- no installation needed, just download and run the exe file
- this demo includes one complete stage
- controls are with keyboard or gamepad ( analog stick supported)
- default keys can be redefined on game start

In the start splash screen you can change the input settings, the game resolution and quality display.

The Game
In the main menu you can look at the credits, see a quick guide, start and end the game and choose between 3 difficulties in the options submenu.
In higher difficulties the enemies have more hitpoints and more bullets are fired towards the player.

Character selection
You can choose between 3 characters and their submarines.
The submarines have different armor, hitpoints and speed.

Controls (default)
submarine control : W A S D, arrow keys or analog Stick
fire : Return, Space or joypad key 0
choose weapon system : E, left ALT or joypad key 1
switch Zodiacs : F, left CTRL or joypad key 2
Menu / Pause : ESC or joypad key 3

(Remember, you can allways change these keys in the start splash screen)

In the left upper corner is the status display, the big number indicates the hitpoints, the small number are your remaining lifes.
In the middle up is the score, right up you see the display for collected items.
Centered down is the weapons bar.

The goal is of course to reach the end of the stage and to collect items on your way. There are crystals spread all over the area, 10 green, 5 red and 1 blue crystal. You can also free prisoners by collecting their cages. At the end of the stage you will get a rating from 0 to 100 percent depending on your score and how many items you have found.
(In the final game this rating will be important to unlock higher levels and areas)

You can allways pause the game ( and exit it) pressing the key for menu / pause.

The game has a weapon system like in Gradius series. Enemies will drop energy spheres randomly. Picking them up will refill some health ( depending on selected difficulty) and move the red mark on the weapons bar. Pressing the key for "choose weapon system" will activate the highlighted weapon system.
You will keep your weapons even if you die.

- Speed Up
rises the speed of the submarine in 2 steps
- Bomb
drops a bomb downwards ( stronger than the standard torpedo)
- Tailgun
fires a torpedo backwards
- Triple Shot
Fires 3 Torpedos forward
- Zodiac
Zodiacs are little drones following your ship, one on the upper side, one below. Each submarine has different zodiacs equipped.
Using the key "switch zodiacs" you can toggle their positions.
- Shield
a force field protecting the submarine. It absorbs some shots, but does not protect againts wall collision.

( for the final game i plan to create different tailguns, spreadshots, etc, which need to get unlocked or bought from NPCs)

Included on one path of the demo is a small boss. For beating it, you will get an extra life. In the final game these bosses
will be part of a quest system or give achievements.

Latest Blog

Disco Fever

This weekend I worked on the interior of some overworld buildings, especially the disco.

Here you can select the used musicfiles and listen to them. There will also be some quest available in this room.
  • Production
  • koaangel
  • Unity
  • Shooter
  • 12/03/2011 07:40 PM
  • 10/30/2014 04:22 PM
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Thank you. 43% isn't bad on the first run as you have to locate the crystals and the right path first before you can try the 100%.
I'm happy you like the stage design,although the demo stage is already kind of outdated. Getting more experienced with the Unity engine, the new stages are more optimized and have plenty of details, making the playable prototype stage look empty and boring. That's why I'm currently remaking the demo stage. The basic layout stays the same, but the fish enemies got replaced by new and better animated models, I'm adding details and optional paths.
Just gave this a whirl, pretty awesome stuff! Although I kinda suck (43% on my first run). Oh and the stage design was clever and fun to play through. Nice work :>
Subbed. The visuals are eye-poppingly beautiful. :) I'll give it a whack once i get my PC back ( can't run anything on this piece of junk >< ).
My mind is full of fuck.
God dammit, don't make lose the game again.
The game has multiple influences. I am a big oldschool shoot em up fan, so I was inspired by games like gradius, r-type, katakis and IO.
Even if the weapon powerup system is obviously taken from gradius series, I don't want to copy and of these games 100 percent.
The higher the difficulty you choose, the more hitpoints the enemies have. I'm still not sure if I will keep it that way. I need to finish the weapon system first and then do the balancing.
A good suggestion from a betatester was to let the first waves of enemies be one-hits, so you can powerup a bit at the start of each stage.
That's part of something to think of when designing the rest of the game. Your game is obviously inspired by Gradius, but there are some significant mechanical differences. Enemies take longer to kill and the hitbox of your vehicle is relatively larger, which is compensated by you being able to take multiple hits. These changes mean that what works in Gradius may not work in your game and vice versa.
That's an interesting point. I'll keep that in mind when designing the other stages.
I think I'll have to use less straight lines of enemies and more waypoint based.

Thanks for that important feedback
I managed to get every item and prisoner, although I didn't meet the score requirement to 100% the stage. Still, I'm rather content for now.

Triple Shot (and at least one speed up if you're using Nubulus 3) is absolutely essential. All other upgrades are in the "nice, but not really necessary" category. The reason for that is how enemies behave. Often a bunch of them will spawn in a line. Once you shoot the first two or so, a bullet will force you to move up or down. That line will now be full of enemies and bullets and you won't be able to return for a while. Being able to shoot those enemies from above or below is necessary if you want to be able to kill the rest of the enemies in that line.

I suppose a strong Zodiac could also work, but Triple Shot is more cost effective.
Thanks for your comment.

Yes, you can get all items and reach 100% at the end of the demo level.
It's a bit tricky, you have to know the right path to go and use the teleporter, but it's possible.

Warning Spoiler !
Here is a map of the demo stage with all items : http://www.koa-portal.de/bilder/aquanebulon/map.png
(the positions of the items aren't final anyway and will change when I finished the side part of the stage to which the teleporter will lead)

The black submarine has indeed the strongest options equipped, but you will be able to equip the three submarines individually with any options you prefer in the final game. It's a tactical choice, as some options shoot faster, but are weaker, some shoot backwards and so on. For the demo I just added some random options to the submarines to show some variation.
This game is awesome and I've played the stage about ten times so far.

The black submarine is my favorite. It has IMO the best options and while it starts out slow, it's easily fixed with a speed up.

Is it even possible to get all items and prisoners on one go?
Oh how i see this one is with extra weapons. I must play this (!)
I added the engine to the site!
That's why I wasn't sure to post the game here, but in the FAQ it said, other engines are accepted, too. And I saw a screen of another 3D Game here in the database, so I thought, it would be worth a try.
In worst case, it just wouldn't be accepted.
I should probably add Unity 3D as an engine here.
Yes, that's me.
Unfortunately I never finished Vortex. But yes, I'm still fooling around with tools to do crazy indie game stuff ^^
Whoa! koaangel? The same KoaAngel who made Vortex? Man, I remember playing that game aeons ago, and being very impressed by it.
Glad to see you're still around making awesome games. =P ...This one looks interesting too. I'll keep an eye on it.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Ohh yes! A download!
Be professional. This is amazing.
Please do :) This looks absolutely incredible, you have a true gift :)
Subbed, by the way.

Thank you.
I'm currently working on the overworld of the game, where the player can accept quests and upgrade weapons and stuff.
Will keep you up to date.
Be professional. This is amazing.

Please do :) This looks absolutely incredible, you have a true gift :)
Subbed, by the way.
Be professional. This is amazing.

Thank you very much
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