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Contest results and the future of the project

Contest results
Our allies over at rpgmakerweb have judged the Set the Setting Contest for the Arum world: a unified setting for RMVX/Ace games. The banners below were not made by me, but by the people at RPG Maker Web.


In first place was the demo of In Search for Dragons by Indra.

The demo was well polished and quite meaty. I particularly enjoyed the mapping and music selections, as noted in the Nugget Crash Course podcast. The effort really showed in the project, and it's already well on its way to being complete.

Valera received second place honors. The judges (and other players) enjoyed the intro, pacing/flow, and the battle dynamics, but criticized the demo's shortness (leading to points taken off), polish, dream cutscene, lengthy tutorials, and some illogical skills/concepts. I'll address these deficiencies as I continue working on the game.

Future of the project
This game isn't very long: I would say progress is at 25 percent, and if I really wanted to I could get it churned out within a month. Sadly, though, there are a lot of other things going on. I'll aim to have this baby completed by the end of the summer. There likely won't be another demo, though.


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Gratz on 2nd place Deck! :D (Also gratz to Indra~ :3)
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