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Name: Chocobo Panic Space
Engine: RPGMaker 2000
Current Version: V1.05 Full
File Size: 3.3 MB
Genre: Pacman Clone
Content: 12 stages in various difficulties
Needed Files: Common RM2K RTP

Chocobo Panic Space is a pacman style game with chocobos as main characters.
The goal is to collect all crystals in a stage and avoid enemies and traps to proceed and unlock more stages.

Stage Selection

After viewing or skipping the intro, you will find yourself in the level selection screen.
In the down left corner you can see the stage raster. You can choose a stage by pressing the cursor keys left/right, use arrow keys up/down for choosing a difficulty.
Available stages are indicated by a green cross. At the beginnng of the game you can only select stage 1 at easy. If you beat a stage, you will get a star as reward and the next difficulty for that stage is selectable.
To unlock stages 2 to 10, you need a special ammount of stars. For stage 2 you need 1 star, for stage 3 you need 2 stars, and so on. The stages 11 and 12 are special, you need datapacks to unlock them. Those datapacks are hidden in the first 10 stages. In each stage you can find a green datapack on normal and a red datapack on hard. If you find all 10 green datapacks, stage 11 is available, for stage 12 you need all red datapacks.

Above the stage raster is the preview window. It shows the name of the stage, a preview picture and the selected difficulty. If a stage is not yet available, instead of the difficulty the stars needed to unlock it are shown.

In the upper right of the screen you can see a map of the Nebula starsystem, in which the game takes place. A cursor shows the exact position of the stages.

Finally in the down right corner are the overall stats. It shows how many stars and datapacks you have allready collected.

The Options Menu

Press Escape in the level select screen to enter options menu.
Here you are able to save your game, read the credits, listen to the used music files and turn parts of the HUD on or off. (If the game does not run smooth on your pc when collecting gems very fast, try to turn off the crystal counter. On newer pcs this should not be an issue.)

The Gameplay

It’s simple as pacman, in each stage collect a certain number of gems without running into enemies or traps. Let me explain the most important game elements:

There are different chocobos to play in the game. On difficulty easy, you play the yellow chocobo, on normal the green and on hard the red chocobo.
The maps are way bigger than in the previous chocobo panic games and divided into various sections, which are separated by colour blocks (1) from each other. Those colour blocks can only be removed by the chocobo of the same colour. That means: Depending on the selected difficulty you will explore different parts of the maps.
Collecting a chocobo coin (3) lets you hunt the enemies for 8 seconds. Caught enemies will reaapear at a respawn point (4) after the 8 second timer. But beware of Spike and Blade enemies (7), they cannot be hunted and will not flee from you, when you collect a coin.
Touching an enemy or a trap will bring you back to the stage selection.
If you find an energy sphere (5), it will give you an extra life for the current stage. If you get caugh now, you will just be teleported back to the starting point or the map. Now you can continue the stage without losing already collected gems. If you return to the stage select screen, not used energy spheres will get lost.

Hint: While playing a stage you can press Escape to pause the game

These are the most important game elements, there are more like switches or moveable stones and so on, you will have to find out yourself.
Watch out for the secret orbs (6). Collecting them will unlock one of the six secret stages. You can select them in the options menu.

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Hey I remember this game! Talk about nostalgia.

Downloading as we speak.

I had such a great time with the original Chocobo Panic - gotta download this one, fast!
subscribed when i read the word "chocobo".
subscribed when i read the word "chocobo".

LOL I know right!?
Koaangel, this is a great game!!!
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