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Chocobo Panic Space is the third part of the Chocobo Panic Trilogy for the RPGMaker 2000, where each part is more complex than the previous.

Where the first part "Chocobo Panic" was made in only 2 weeks, "Chocobo Panic Space" took 11 months for me to complete.

The secret stages were originally designed for a project called "Chocobo Island", which I discarded in the year 2003.

The secret stage "Sports" was created by SquareRPG, a german developer, who created "Eternal Legends" for the RPGMaker 2000.

In the stage "Aqua Nebulon" right at the start is a small submarine. By triggering it, a screenshot of the game "Nebulus" is shown, which was in development that time and released 2 years later.