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Let's Play Parts 15 and 16

  • Oblic
  • 03/20/2012 10:44 PM
The final bits are here!

Part 15

Part 16


See you all in my let's play of Chocobo Panic: X-mas


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Ah good ol' Link to the Past ending music!
Ok, I watched all the videos.
I have never watched a lets play to any of my projects, and I really feel honoured. Remembering your review, in which one of your first comments was like "I don't like pacman",makes me even more excited about this.

There were lots of things, I wanted to comment. Unfortunately I don't remember all of them, so I'll have to watch the videos again. Some questions, the game doesn't cover, were background story related, so I'll start with that.

- the little creatures that look like chaos from Sonic are called Nebula
- their homeplanet is called Aqua Nebulon. which is the name of one stage and also the name of my current project
- Pogo is the name of the Nebula drawing the picture of the thiefs in the intro
- Aqua Nebulon is almost entirely covered with water. The Nebula are an amphibian race, most of their citys are below the water surface. That's why the castle in the intro is on an island, while the stage Aqua Nebulon is underwater

None of these storyparts are needed to know to play Chocobo Panic Space, as the story is very simple. In my current project I will dig deeper into this setting, as it's more story based.

- There are no custom sprites used in this game, the enemies are all rips from different games. The yellow chocobo is from a gameboy advanced game if I remember correctly. I Just recolored it to create the other chocobos and added some details like the air helmet. I thought this chocobo sprite was way cuter than the ones used in the prequels.

- If you still haven't found the second secret stage, here's a hint in which stage to search for it:
Stage 5 Aqua Nebulon hard

Anyway, I would like to thank you very much, not only for the review, but for having played the game twice, taking your time to make a great lets play, which I really enjoyed watching. I think this is the best reward an indie game developer can get. Thanks.

Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Wow... lots of information all at once, haha! Thanks for the feedback; I'm really glad you enjoyed my play through. I am honestly it turned out as well as it did, and I'm very happy that you enjoyed it! I hope that CP X-mas is just as good (albeit with a few more deaths...).

Also, thanks for all of the information; it'll definitely help me explain things in X-mas. I was surprised to find out that NONE of the sprites were custom... well, other than the recoloring. Either way, everything is very well done!

Again, thanks for the positive feedback, and I hope to go back and find that last secret in the near future!

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